Frankton Campground redevelopment

2019 015 QLDC Frankton Camp Ground Concepts With Thoroughfare Page 2Above: High level concept plan of redeveloped site

Following the adoption of the Responsible Camping Strategy in October 2018, plans are underway to return the Frankton Motor Camp to its original purpose as a ‘camping only’ facility.

The Frankton Motor Camp at Yewlett Crescent will officially close on 1 February 2020 to allow for the redevelopment to take place. It is anticipated the site will reopen to domestic and international holiday makers by the summer of 2020/21.

Why is the site being redeveloped?

The Responsible Camping Strategy confirmed the definition of camping as ‘staying overnight for recreation in an outdoor area for one or more nights, usually in a tent, cabin, caravan, campervan or other vehicle’, which means temporary or permanent residential accommodation in campgrounds is not included.

With the redevelopment of Frankton Motor Camp, the revitalised site will provide much needed camping capacity for both domestic and international holiday makers to our district.

What will the redevelopment entail?

Initial high level design concepts have been drafted but these will evolve as the detailed design is worked through. At this stage, the redeveloped site is expected to include approximately 200 camping sites, and links to the Frankton Masterplanning work underway. Some ideas being considered include a community playground, a new active travel path for cyclists and walkers, and expanding pedestrian access to the lakefront.

Who is overseeing this redevelopment?

The Motor Camp managers, Graeme and Tracey O'Rourke, and QLDC have been working closely together to organise the transition process and in communicating to tenants and permit holders.

In addition to this, applications have recently been sought for the new commercial lease of the camp ground. The successful applicant will take over the campground lease from the 1 May 2020 and will play a key role in the redevelopment of the site to a camping only facility.

What does all of this mean for tenants and permit holders currently at the site?

After the Motor Camp closes on 1 February 2020, tenants and permit holders must remove all of their privately-owned property and infrastructure (including vehicles, cabins, and other accommodation related structures). These items can be removed over the three month period up to the deadline of 30 April 2020 when the site will become a construction zone.

If tenants or permit holders wish to remove items before the 1 February 2020 - 30 April 2020 period, they need to advise the Motor Camp managers in writing (

Where can tenants and permit holders find more information?

Tenants and permit holders have been made aware of these plans, key dates, and have been provided with a Guide covering the Transition process. To view a copy of the Guide, please click here. To view Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

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