Glenorchy Township Sewerage Scheme

The Council and the community have been investigating ways of establishing a wastewater / sewer system for Glenorchy. You’ll find reports and information on this page.

QLDC had been working toward submitting an agenda item to council in May updating the current status and next steps for the proposed Glenorchy Sewerage Scheme. Based on feedback received from the community, on the update issued in April, and some additional information requested from Councillors, this report has been deferred until June.

This will allow the QLDC Infrastructure team to further review the paper and include information and direction on the items raised by Councillors. QLDC will arrange a time to meet with the community, to update and inform residents and ratepayers on the project before the report is submitted to council.

QLDC will advise the date of this meeting as soon as possible and there will be a summary sent to any owners who are unable to attend.