North Wanaka wastewater scheme

Te para wai ki North Wanaka

A major upgrade to North Wanaka’s wastewater system is underway, providing for current and future wastewater capacity as growth in the area continues.

About the project

This project is part of our  plan to accommodate growth and provide more resilience across the district’s wastewater network.

Starting in April 2021, this project will include:

  • Construction of a new wastewater pump station on Beacon Point Road

  • A new gravity main (wastewater pipeline)

  • An extension of the Waimana Place rising main (wastewater pipeline)

  • A new rising main and gravity sewer from Beacon Point Rd to Albert Town pump station via Lismore St and SH84

What's the latest?

We're in the final stages of appointing a contractor for this project.   

Once that is complete, we'll be able to share a construction programme and work closely with affected residents to minimise disruptions. We'll share more on this soon. 

Construction is expected to start in April 2021.

Frequently asked questions

  • Due to a sustained period of growth, a review of Wanaka's wastewater infrastructure was completed in 2018/19. This identified that the North Wanaka Pump Station had limited capacity to cater for further growth and lacked emergency storage. This had implications for the resilience of the network. 

    This upgrade will provide more emergency storage, additional capacity and more resilience to the districts wastewater network. It will provide environmental benefits such as reducing the risk of wastewater spills into Lake Wanaka .  

    There will also be improvements along Beacon Point Road including removal of overhead cables and landscaping.

  • Following the review of Wanaka's wastewater network, we completed an indicative business case to identify options which would address the issues raised through this process.

    A number of locations were explored and eight sites were considered. The Beacon Point Road solution was chosen after careful consideration of a number of factors. The preferred option of Beacon Point Road pumping station substantially reduces the load from the existing pump station at Lakeside Road and associated critical assets in that part of the network, and diverts it away from Lake Wānaka and the town centre network. The location was considered the best outcome due to its altitude. One of the key outcomes of the preferred option was to maximise the use of a gravity drain for wastewater. The location in Beacon Point Road maximises the use of gravity drainage. It was the lowest location suitable for the upgrade. 

    We acknowledge that residents along Beacon Point Road may feel uncomfortable about a pump station being located outside of their properties. We will continue to work closely with affected residents to mitigate their concerns.   

  • We will be able to share more details about the construction programme soon but all noise will be kept to daytime hours and within consented requirements. Once the pump station is operational, the noise will be about 32 decibel, which is similar to the noise of a fridge. The design has detailed a deeper wet well to keep the pumps below the water level and has removed the variable speed drives and replaced with soft starters that emit less noise. The design also uses a PE pipe riser from the pump to reduce noise transmission along the pipe. The pumps will be placed on a wide base and bolted into the foundation concrete to provide a firm seating.

    • The design team considered the location of the vent and nature of any odour during the design of the associated odour mitigation plant.
    • The design requires the installation of an odour control system using an air filtration system with an air vent incorporated into a light pole for the pump station. This will ensure that any odour emitted is appropriately mitigated so as not to affect neighbouring residents.
    • The Regional Plan permits air discharges from the transfer of liquid borne municipal waste, so long as the BODdoes not exceed 850kg per day. This would allow the conveyance of domestic wastewater from up to 14,166 persons, more than will be catered for by this project.
    • The Regional Plan also requires that the discharge not generate noxious, dangerous, offensive or objectionable odour, which standard will be secured through the air filtration system. There can thus be no nuisance from the air discharge. 
    • Fresh wastewater traditionally has less odour than mature wastewater. The new pumpstation on Beacon Point Road will serve the adjacent residential area, which means that there is a lower likelihood of odour.
    • Air emittance from the below ground pump station is transmitted to an above ground filter (see attached document with specifics and details of the filter) to reduce odour significantly.
    • Additional to the filter is a connected vent pipe to discharge air at a high level approximately 8 meters high. This helps distribute any air at a high level. Typically the equipment used for a pump station would either be a vent pipe alone or a filter. In this case we are using an activated carbon filter and a vent.  
  • Much of the plant and equipment will be buried underground and there will be minimal above ground infrastructure when the project is complete. However, efforts have been made to screen the above ground plant and equipment. The existing transformer will be replaced with a modern transformer. A back fence to the transformer is proposed. The above ground filter (sits about 1.1 meters high) and the control box (about 1.5 meters high) will be enclosed with a slatted style fence to provide screening. Overhead cables will also be relocated underground which will be a big aesthetic improvement.

    The final fence and landscaping design will be discussed with the adjacent landowners.

    The entrance ways to residential sites will be replaced and will be built to full Council standards. Where possible the driveway locations, turn radius and angles of approach will be discussed with respective residents to ensure that a good outcome is achieved.

  • Overhead cables will also be removed and moved to underground which will be a big improvement. Landscaping will be implemented to improve the overall aesthetic of Beacon Point Road.

  • Construction is expected to commence at the end of February 2021.

    The targeted completion date is June 2022. 

  • Disruptions are an inevitable part of any infrastructure project. We will always work closely with affected residents to minimise disruptions as much as possible.

    Disruptions will include but not be limited to vibrations and road closures.

    Watch this space for more detailed information on disruptions once a main contractor has been appointed.

  • It is envisaged that a regular 3 monthly site visit will be needed to change the filter and also periodic checks between those times.


Any further questions?

If you have any further questions that haven't been answered here, please give us a call on 03 441 0499 or email 


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