Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal

Reports and other documents related to the Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal can be found below.

August 2015

Queenstown Convention Centre (QCC) Project and Lakeview Development (PDF, 98.94 KB)

Attachment A: Development Principles for Lakeview Master Plan (PDF, 66.01 KB)


January 2015

Here is the business case that was prepared for the Council’s application to the Government, written by consultants MartinJenkins.

Note that some of the information has been redacted because of commercial sensitivity.


November 2014

Insight Economics: Queenstown Convention Centre Funding Analysis  (PDF, 1.11MB)

August 2014

On 20 August the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce and Destination Queenstown in conjunction with QLDC hosted a briefing on the design elements of the proposed Queenstown Convention Centre. Here is the presentation from Populous, The Conference Centre and Queenstown Lakes District Council.

1 - Overview (PDF, 1.4MB)

2 - Facility Design: Chris Paterson (PDF, 1.2MB) 

3 - Spatial Planning: James Pearce (PDF, 2.4MB)

4 - Test Event Overlay:Jan Tonkin (PDF, 687KB)

June 2014

Minutes from Council Meeting - 26 June (PDF, 148KB)

Queenstown Convention Centre and Lakeview Development: Outcome of Annual Plan consultation and next steps (PDF, 120.85 Kb)

Attachment A: Proposed Queenstown Convention Centre Submission Analysis (PDF, 118.85 Kb)

NZIER - Economic Impacts of Queenstown Convention Centre (PDF, 263KB)


May 2014

Convention Centre Quick Facts (PDF, 1.1MB)


March 2014 

Feasibility and Rating Impact Analysis - 27 March 2014

Queenstown Convention Centre and Lakeview Development Project: Feasibility and rating impact analysis (PDF, 287KB)
Officer report

Attachment A: Howarth HTL Scenario and risk analysis (PDF, 598KB)

Attachment B: Indicative Rating Tables (PDF, 191KB)

Attachment C: Additional Capital Funding Impact (PDF, 456KB)


December 2013

Convention Centre Project: Master planning and development options - 19 December 2013

Convention Centre Public Report (PDF, 341 KB)

Attachment A: Lakeview Master Plan (PDF, 3.53 MB)

Attachment C: Lakeview Title Map (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Minutes (PDF, 62.8 KB)


September 2013

Convention Centre Project – Next Steps

On Tuesday 17 September QLDC considered a recommendation to lead the development of a convention centre at the Lakeview site as part of an integrated development model at that site, subject to conditions.

Convention Centre Project: Public Consultation, Options and Next Steps (PDF 507KB)
Covering report

Appendix 1: Summary response analysis of submissions (PDF 585KB)

Appendix 2: Convention Centre Research - Main Findings, August 2013 (PDF 1.21MB)

Appendix 3: Lakeview Site - Masterplan (PDF 751KB)

Minutes (PDF, 45 KB)


August 2013


Thank you for your feedback. Please remember that all submissions are public information. Submissions and an analysis can be viewed via the PDF files below.

Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal Submissions (PDF, 3.48 MB)

Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal - Additional 1 (PDF, 3.04 MB)

Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal - Additional 2 (PDF, 332 KB)

Queenstown Convention Centre Proposal - Additional 3 (PDF, 3.22 MB)

Queenstown Convention Centre Response Analysis (PDF, 105 KB)


July 2013

Consultation documents presented at extraordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council on 26 July.

Queenstown Convention Centre Project (PDF 64.5KB)
Covering report

Attachment 1: CBRE Overview Report  (PDF, 2.15 MB)

Attachment 2: Site Analysis and Commentary (Populous) (PDF, 10.7 MB)

Attachment 3: BERL Economic Impact Analysis (PDF, 2.12 MB)

Attachment 4: McDermott Miller Ltd Economic Analysis of site options  (PDF, 311.2 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 29.9 KB)

History of the project

A working committee was formed in 2011 to investigate the possibility of a conference centre for Queenstown. A feasibility study was commissioned by the committee in March 2012 and this report was presented to Council at the full Council meeting on 14 August. The purpose of this study was to identify if there would be an economic benefit to the district from a conference centre and make recommendations in terms of size and content. A Request for Proposal for the development of a convention centre was issued at the end of December 2012.

Following the evaluation of all the proposals, a consortium was formed in March 2013 to take the development of a convention centre to the next stage.

Read the press release here

Feasibilty Study and appendices (PDF, 1.5 MB) 

Feasibility Study only (PDF, 950 KB) 

Appendix A - IAPCO conference centre design criteria (PDF, 126 KB) 

Appendix B - WT Partnership capital cost estimate (PDF, 126 KB)

Appendix C - Activity and operational projections (PDF, 169 KB)

Appendix D - Visitor expenditure projections (PDF, 136 KB)

Appendix E Part 1 - Business community survey (PDF, 3.16 MB)

Appendix E Part 2 - Business community survey (PDF, 3.42 MB)