Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan

Imagine our future

Imagine... Easily getting into town via a variety of transport choices to enjoy a local community event with your family.

Imagine... safely walking around the town centre and not feeling second best to cars.

Imagine... A town centre full of happy, relaxed people taking in the views and enjoying the vibrancy and energy that only New Zealand’s premier alpine destination can offer.

We don't have to imagine, we can make this happen.  But we need your help to get it right. 

This section will be updated all the time as the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan project progresses.  Come back and visit regularly.


Latest news 

October 2018 - Masterplan story document available >> read more 

June 2018 - Spatial Framework and Town Centre Design Guidelines adopted   >> Read more

December 2017 - Indicative business cases adopted   >> Read more 

15 September 2017 - Community engagement feedback released  >> Read more

10 July 2017 - Community engagement underway! >> Read more

25 May 2017 - E-news - Edition 1 >> Read More

9 May 2017 - Pride of Premises initiative launched >>Read more

1 May 2017 - Advisory Group Announced  >>Read more


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