Project Overview

Work is underway to develop a Masterplan for the Queenstown Town Centre. 

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.   Queenstown offers natural beauty and lifestyle opportunities that are second to none.   But because of that, we are faced with growth related challenges that are starting to affect our quality of life.  Things like traffic congestion, parking and generally just getting around town are causing a lot of frustration and our community wants action.  

Project overview 

There isn't really a simple way to explain the Masterplan process.  It's a complex beast with a lot of moving parts and external influences.  But if you strip it right back, it's all about defining what the Town Centre as a place should be and providing the necessary infrastructure to support a robust local economy.   Or  more simply put, making things better for the people who live and visit us here in Queenstown.   

To do this, we’re developing business cases for each key project area:

  • Public and Passenger Transport
  • Parking
  • Town Centre Arterial Routes (Inner Links)
  • Spatial and Public Realm Framework
  • Community and Civic Facilities (One Council Office)

This is the background work, helping us to understand the gaps, gather evidence, analyse data and clearly show that we’re choosing the right projects to achieve the community’s goals for the town centre.

There are also some external Business Cases being developed that will form part of the planning process too:

  • New Zealand Transport Agency is currently leading a Queenstown Integrated Transport Business Case which sets the high level implementation programme over the whole of Queenstown. 
  • Otago Regional Council are leading a Wakatipu Public Transport Review Business Case which should see a new bus system introduced by October.  
  • Plus there's a lot of private development going on that needs to be considered.    

All of the business cases will feed into a Masterplan which draws everything together. Because telling the story as a whole is much more compelling for anyone (private or public) considering investing in the area.

context infographic


Project scope

Officially, the Queenstown Town Centre is the area marked in red below and is our key focus. The area of influence is marked in green, but in reality, this spans much wider - arguably the whole district. 

Town Centre Boundary


Our timeline

The community said it wants action, so action it will get.  The goal is to be investment ready come 1 July 2018.  There's a lot to do before we get to that point, and the most important thing is that our community is involved. An infographic showing the project timeframes will be published here soon. 


Associated Reports