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Wanaka Town Centre community conversation

Thank you taking part in the community conversation on the Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan! We enjoyed getting out and talking about your insights and ideas for the future.  

The feedback has been collated and summarised to show emerging themes.  For a deeper insight you can also read the feedback in full below.

Read the feedback here:

Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan community early insights - summary

Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan community early insights - detailed feedback

Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan - email feedback

Mount Aspiring College student ideation session - summary

Mount Aspiring College student ideation session - data

What's next?

Your feedback will be fed into a 'vision' workshop with community stakeholders and the project team to further guide and develop options for the Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan.

The next round of community engagement is expected to kick off in March 2019. But in the meantime if you have any further feedback or ideas to share you can email us at any time at wanakamasterplan@qldc.govt.nz

Stay informed

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Why develop a Masterplan?

It’s no secret that Wanaka and the wider district is facing unprecedented residential and visitor growth. 

The Masterplan process will focus on how the town centre works and functions in the next 30 years, including a preferred programme of transport improvements to ensure good access to and around the CBD and wider urban area of Wanaka, ie schools, airport, Three Parks etc. 

Have a look at the maps illustrating both the town centre and transport programme study area below:

Wanaka Masterplan Study Area:

Wanaka Masterplan Study Area

Wanaka Transport Programme Study Area:

Wanaka Transport Programme Study Area Snip

The Masterplan process will also look at solutions for parking, public transport, shared spaces, alternative modes of transport and consider ways to make sure the things that make Wanaka so special are retained.   Importantly, these things will be considered as a whole.  Council will be bringing together past plans and strategies to allow for a holistic and consolidated view. This is to ensure a ‘big picture’ approach which builds on the work already done so that future developments provide the best possible outcome for the town.

Wanaka Masterplan Community Engagement Process

Wanaka Masterplan Community Engagement process V3 Webpage

An Establishment Report providing the framework to guide the Wanaka Masterplan project was given approval to proceed by council on 26 July. Take a look at the report here.

Associated reports

Wanaka Establishment Report
10-Year Plan (LTP)
Lake Wanaka Lakefront Development Plan
Wanaka Network Operating Framework Report
Wanaka 2020 Community Plan
Wanaka town centre strategy 2009
Wanaka Transportation and Parking Strategy 2008
Wanaka Structure Plan 2007
Wanaka Transport Strategic Case