Wanaka Office Updates

The QLDC Wanaka office has been undergoing a series of refurbishments in order to ultimately provide the Upper Clutha community with a more streamlined Council service in a single office location at 47 Ardmore Street. It is anticipated that all of the Wanaka refurbishments will be completed in mid-2019.

The key stages in this project are:

  • Stage One: demolishing the old St John building to compensate for any reduction in carpark capacity as a result of these relocatables; and refurbishing the existing Ardmore Street office
  • Stage Two: installing and fitting out two relocatable offices behind the existing Ardmore Street office (the first was delivered to the site on 28 February and the second was delivered on 19 March).

Long term plans for Wanaka:

The longer term vision for Wanaka is to create a new single office as part of the implementation of the Wanaka Masterplan.

Please note that the provision of parking facilities is something that is being considered as part of the Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan project – you can expect to hear more about this in the early 2019.  

>>Wanaka Masterplan