Wanaka Recreation Centre Original Consultation Material

Draft Facilities Mix Report 

The Draft Facilities Mix Report and Draft Concept Design on the Wanaka Sports Facility project was presented to the community for feedback in September 2011.

The report covered:

  • Analysis of feedback received from the first round of consultation last July
  • Population trends
  • Policy specification
  • Recommended facility mix for the entire site


Where to from here?

The Facilities Mix Report and Concept Design has been updated to reflect decisions around the submissions.

The concept design has been completed and was presented to Council on Tuesday 28 February, 2012.


The following files and information were made available to the public during the 2010 consultation process to help them make a decision on the siting of the Wanaka Sports Facility project.

The Council consulted on the proposed co-location of  new swimming and sports facilities for Wanaka via its 2009-19 Ten-year plan process. 

As a result of this process, the Council  decided to:

  • request a technical assessment of greenfields sites before choosing between one of these sites and the A and P Grounds proposal;
  • include a provisional capital sum in 2009/10 for the purchase of a greenfields site if selected.
  • support the proposed format of the aquatic centre but defer the aquatic centre for 10-15 years, due to the current economic climate and a recent report that the current facility can continue to operate at an affordable cost(after some improvements in air handling and floor surfaces;
  • investigate investing in some internal facility enhancement on the existing pool, including the possible creation of  learners pool for inclusion in the 2010/11 Annual Plan;
  • confirm that an indoor sports facility is the priority and commence development of a stadium and hard court area (with provision for an aquatic centre footprint) in year 3 of the 10-Year Plan (2011).


Co-location of facilities

 Aquatic Centre

Wanaka Camping Ground

Sports Facilities