Our Mission

The Council’s Mission

To enhance the quality of life for all people within the District:

  • By further developing services and facilities.
  • By carrying out sound social, physical and economic planning.
  • By ensuring the provision of cost effective services is responsive to community needs.

Council value statements

  • Commitment to striving for the long term desires of each community.
  • Protection of the environment is essential.
  • Recognition of the diversity of communities within the District.
  • Communication and consultation with the residents and ratepayers of the district on major policy direction.
  • Provision of services in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  • A high level of service to residents and ratepayers of the district.
  • Management of community assets with a long-term strategic view of community desires.
  • A proactive approach to managing the resources of the district.
  • A commitment to the strategic planning process.