Annual Plan 2017-18

Annual Plan 2017


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As part of the Annual Plan 2017-18 we are proposing a programme of work to respond to the challenges of unprecedented and sustained growth across our district.

#1: making public transport such a great and cheap service that it’s too good to refuse. We need to get alongside the Otago Regional Council and continue to encourage them to deliver on public transport and water quality issues, because issue #2 is that keeping our lakes and waterways pristine needs work.

#3: We need to work closely with the Government to give our people affordable housing options. We are working hard on plans in this regard because housing is the biggest handbrake on our community’s future.

#4: We all know that congestion on our roads is at unacceptable levels. We are working with government agencies to achieve a solution, not years out but now.

#5: We have to get ahead of growth when it comes to our infrastructure and we must find affordable solutions for our smaller communities. Those that don’t already have a permanently chlorinated water supply will be consulted on introducing chlorination through this annual plan.

#6: This Council needs to have its offices on one site in the Wakatipu, not four, and it’s a no-brainer that we need staffing levels that match growth to meet your expectations for service.

Most of these issues are district-wide. There is an obvious focus required on the Wakatipu but we need an appropriate response to Wanaka’s growth, which is also far above the national norm.

Meanwhile we are already delivering the Wanaka pool, the upgrade of Project Shotover and Hawthorne Drive, which will have Stage 1 open within weeks.

A rates increase is unavoidable. Put simply, we have underinvested in the past. Now we have no choice but to invest in right-sizing our response to growth. The impact of our proposals will be an average rates increase of 4.25%.