Proposal to Declare Beach Street a Pedestrian Mall

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Beach St Pedestrian Mall

Pursuant to Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002 and in accordance with section 336 of the Local Government Act 1974, Council gives notice that it has resolved to begin consultation on the declaration as a pedestrian mall of Beach Street between Camp Street and Cow Lane, Queenstown (upper Beach St).

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Upper Beach Street in central Queenstown could become the town’s second permanent pedestrian mall, depending on the outcome of a month-long formal consultation.

In February the Council began trialling a partial pedestrianisation at the request of the Downtown QT. After considering informal feedback on the trial, the Council has now agreed to undertake formal consultation on the proposal to declare the section of Beach Street from Camp Street to Cow Lane as a permanent pedestrian mall. Vehicle access would be restricted to goods service vehicles between 5am and 10am, with emergency services having access at all time.


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