Community Facility Funding Policy public feedback

Feedback on proposed fees and charges for community facilities is now closed. 


Public submissions:

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Hearings of submissions on the QLDC Community Facility Funding Policy took place on Friday 23 November.

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We’ve already held discussions with several local groups and are keen to hear more views given the wide variety of people who use these key council services on a regular basis.

The CFFP was last adopted in 2011 and is due for review. Cemetery pricing has remained unchanged for more than six years and our district’s rapid growth requires a new perspective on funding and service levels including fresh investment like the new Shotover cemetery.

Some aquatic pricing was increased after public consultation in 2015. The latest proposed changes are intended to ensure QLDC is consistent with other council facilities around the country and are based on a ratio of 30% user pays and 70% public subsidy.

We propose minimal changes to swim prices for children and seniors/beneficiaries. Furthermore, the new aquatic facility at Wanaka Recreation Centre has been excluded from any proposed price increases given these were changed for its opening in June to match the current pricing at Frankton’s Alpine Aqualand.

The public consultation follows a benchmarking exercise of other council facilities fees and charges, national standards and the ratios between user and rate payer funding. QLDC also analysed the potential financial impact of the proposed fees and charges on the community and commercial users.

QLDC officers will deliver a final report to elected members with feedback from the community consultation for a final decision on the Community Facilities Pricing Policy, including aquatics and cemeteries pricing, before December. It is anticipated that any changes will be adopted in January 2019.