Coneburn Special Housing Area

We have received an Expression of Interest to develop a Special Housing Area (‘proposed Coneburn Special Housing Area’).

The proposal includes:

  • Approx. 48 ha of developable land
  • Zoned Open Space Landscape Activity Area (PDP)
  • Within the Urban Growth Boundary
  • Not located in the ONL, maintains 50m SH6 buffer
  • Close to Hanley Downs and Jacks Point urban areas
  • Opposite Coneburn Industrial Zone
  • Provides for a roundabout on SH6
  • Up to 600 residential lots with a dwelling density of 12.5 dwellings per hectare

Concept Plan:

The proposed Coneburn Special Housing Area concept is shown in the image below:



The Council is aiming to consider the Expression of Interest at the 18 April 2019 Full Council meeting in Queenstown.

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Submissions have now closed. To view the submissions received, please click here.

While the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 does not provide for formal consultation on the establishment of special housing areas, the Mayor and Councillors are interested to hear local views on this proposal.

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Please email Werner Murray in our Planning Team,

Or, take a look at QLDC's Lead Policy (28 June 2018)