Fees and Charges Review - Planning and Development

Submissions are now closed.

Summary of submissions [PDF 185KB]

Hearing of submissions on the Review of Fees and Charges [PDF 3MB]

Further information provided for the Hearing of Submissions on Fees and Charges [PDF 895KB]

We’ve recently undertaken a review of our funding policy and approach which has resulted in changes to the revenue requirements contained in our Draft 2016/17 Annual Plan, currently under consultation.

In order to meet our funding policy and revenue targets, an increase in fees and charges is required for Planning and Development. In addition a review of the overall fees and charges has identified a number of services presently provided, for which no fee or charge is specified.

The Local Government Act 2002 and Resource Management Act 1991 require that charges made for regulatory services are adopted following a Special Consultative Procedure.

Review of Fees and Charges (PDF. 75KB)

Proposed Fee Increase - Statement of Proposal (PDF. 60KB)

Proposed Building Consent Fees and Other Charges (PDF. 104KB)

Proposed Resource Consent and Engineering Fees and Other Charges (PDF. 172KB)

Proposed Resource Consents and Engineering Fee Schedule (PDF. 192KB)