Freedom Camping Changes

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Council is looking for community input on plans to tackle the significant growth in the numbers of freedom campers across the district.

The increase in freedom camper volumes in the district this summer, and the behaviour of a minority of those campers, now risks degrading the unique experience on offer for both locals and holiday-makers, and damaging the wider New Zealand reputation as a holiday destination.

The surge in numbers are leading to over-crowding, risks to public health due to human waste, and potential damage to our environment with people bathing and washing dishes or clothes in the lakes and rivers at well-known reserves such as Lakes Hayes, Shotover Delta and the Wanaka Lakefront.

To help remedy this situation in the short term, overnight campers will soon be unable to stay at the Lake Hayes Reserve and in the Shotover Delta, while wheel clamping of vehicles camped overnight will begin on the Wanaka Lakefront.

At the same time we are looking to develop a dedicated fenced area with toilets and lighting for freedom campers near the Shotover Bridge. We’re also in discussion with Government agencies (DoC, LINZ, NZTA, MBIE) to look at funding and/or support for providing more roadside toilet facilities throughout the district, and to support other aspects of our review of the Bylaw and Reserves Management Plans.

We acknowledge that the majority of freedom campers do abide by the rules and treat our district with respect and behave responsibly. They are very welcome and contribute positively to our local economy.

It is unfortunate that the minority of freedom campers are ruining it for the rest of the responsible users of our reserves, however the issue has grown to a stage where immediate action was called for by the community, and Council has moved to act. 


Feedback closed 5pm Friday 16 February


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