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We’re looking for your thoughts on the potential options for the future of Ladies Mile.

At the Full Council Meeting on June 23rd Council voted in favour of seeking public feedback on a proposal to amend its current Lead Policy to incorporate the Ladies Mile Area. Doing so would pave the way for expressions of interest to create Special Housing Areas (SHA) later this year.

We recognise that this is an area of significance to many locals, often seen as the gateway to Queenstown. As such we are seeking public feedback on the proposal and this will be provided to Council before a final decision is made at the next Council meeting on 17 August.

Ladies Mile discussion document [PDF 260KB]

Why Ladies Mile?

Housing is in short supply in the district and under current growth projections there will need to be an additional 9,158 dwellings district-wide by 2028; this rises to 17,462 by 2048.

Housing unaffordability and continued high population growth mean we need to consider any viable option that presents itself for development. Through the Housing Accord agreed with Central Government, Council has to consider all opportunities that present as potential housing stock.

Ladies Mile is well placed, and is in close proximity to both central Queenstown and Frankton. It is one of the few undeveloped flat areas remaining in Queenstown and can be connected up to major infrastructure relatively easily. It is also lies on the main transport corridor into Queenstown, thus making public transport connections more viable. It is next to the major employment area of the Frankton Flats and its industrial zones.

Growth projections show the need to plan for an almost doubling of the number of existing residential units in Queenstown and Wanaka over the next 30 years. A key question arises as to where they will be serviced and Ladies Mile has been raised as a place of interest for future development.

What is the Council proposing?

We’re proposing that Ladies Mile be added to Category 2 of our Special Housing Are Lead Policy. This means that the whole of Ladies Mile would now be included as an area that could be applied for as a Special Housing Area, which allows for streamlined consenting process.

By including Ladies Mile in to Category 2 of QLDC’s Special Housing Area Lead Policy, Council has the ability to ensure development proceeds in a responsible manner and can require developers to follow an indicative masterplan. It also allows for development to proceed at a faster rate, if the SHA is approved by the Building and Construction Minister.

Any housing would be expected to be of a medium to high density and developed in such a way as to optimise open spaces, ensure a community focus and encourage public transport.

The proposed location is an extension of SHA applications in the same vicinity (Queenstown Country Club, Bridesdale, Onslow Road and Shotover Country) and the benefit of including it at this stage would enable master planning that could consider matters like housing density community heart facilities, infrastructure (ie water supply) and traffic management.

What is the Indicative Masterplan?

indicative master plan

Download the Indicative Masterplan [PDF 500KB]

Any development that applied for consent as an SHA would have to align with the Council specified masterplan. The grid pattern proposed is efficient at delivering housing and for walking, cycling and public transport. This ensures that development is looked at as a whole, thus ensuring the right level of infrastructure and services.

Any plan to develop Ladies Mile would ensure that dwellings would be set back from the roadside by a minimum of 75 metres, with green space between that and the road ensuring this area retains a high level of amenity.

Further, the area could be serviced with infrastructure readily due to the proximity of the Council’s wastewater treatment plant and bore field, and the existing reticulated networks in Lake Hayes Estate / Shotover Country. 

Relevant documents

Ladies Mile discussion document [PDF 260KB]

Proposed amendments to the Council’s Lead Policy for Special Housing Areas to include the Ladies Mile [PDF 427KB]

Revised Lead Policy including Ladies Mile [PDF 150KB]

Indicative Masterplan [PDF 500KB]


If you would like more information, please email services@qldc.govt.nz