Ladies Mile Special Housing Areas

We have received two Expressions of Interest (EOI) to develop Special Housing Areas adjacent to each other on the northern side of Ladies Mile, Queenstown (‘proposed Flint’s Park Residential and Flint’s Park Mixed Use Precinct Special Housing Area’ and 'Proposed Glenpanel Special Housing Area').

Concept Plans:

The location of the proposed Glenpanel and Flint’s Park (Flint's Park is in two-parts - Residential & Mixed Use) SHAs are shown in the image below:

PA18274 Ladies Mile North Combined SHAs 14 March 2019

Ladies Mile Combined SHAs The proposed SHAs would be adjacent to each other and accessed off a proposed future roundabout at the intersection of Howard’s Drive and State Highway 6.

The land is within the Indicative Master Plan for the Ladies Mile contained in the Council’s Lead Policy for Special Housing Areas, and within the Detailed Business Case for infrastructure prepared under the Governments Housing Infrastructure Fund.

The following table summarises the two EOIs:



Flint's Park Residential

Flint's Park Mixed Use 

Number of residential units




Site size

15.5 hectares

7.1 hectares

7.9 hectares

QLCHT contribution - TBC




Detached houses




Attached houses





Maryhill Ltd

Glenpanel Developments LP

Glenpanel Developments LP

PDP zoning

Rural Lifestyle (7-8 dwellings)

Rural Lifestyle (3-4 dwellings) 

Rural Lifestyle (3-4 dwellings)

All EOIs include a 10% contribution of the developed land area to the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT). The exact nature of the 10% contribution from the Flint’s Park Mixed Use Precinct is to be determined. 


The Council is aiming to consider these Expressions of Interest at the 18 April 2019 Full Council meeting in Queenstown.

Specific links:

View the combined masterplan showing the proposed development areas here.

Click the links below to read the full Expressions of Interest:

Glenpanel Flint's Park Residential Flint's Park Mixed Use Precinct
    Expression of Interest
Expression of Interest Expression of Interest Description of Precinct
Appendices Part One Appendix A – Masterplan final Masterplan
Appendices Part Two Appendix B – Infrastructure and servicing report   Appendix A - Flints Park Mixed Use Precinct Infrastructure
Services Report Appendix C – Transport assessment  Appendix B - Flints Park Mixed Use Precinct Transport
Transport Assessment - 21 March 2019 Appendix D – Ladies Mile Indicative Masterplan   Appendix C - Flints Park Mixed Use Precinct Landscape and Visual
Consultation with Ministry of Education  Appendix E – Landscape assessment  Appendix D - Record of Titles 
  Appendix F - Record of Titles WSP-Opus peer review of Flint's Park 3 waters assessment
Novo Group Peer Review of Transport Assessment Novo Group Peer Review of Transport Assessment Novo Group Peer Review of Transport Assessment

Response to Novo Group Response to Novo Group
Initial WSP-Opus Glenpanel 3 Waters EOI Summary Assessment    
CFMA Response to WSP-OPUS Peer Review    
Final Comment from WSP-Opus on CFMA Reply    

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Submissions have now closed. To view the submissions received, please click here.

While the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 does not provide for formal consultation on the establishment of special housing areas, the Mayor and Councillors are interested to hear local views on this proposal.

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Please email Werner Murray in our Planning Team,

Or, take a look at QLDC's Lead Policy (28 June 2018)