Dog Control Bylaw Survey

Opinion is mixed on whether there should be restrictions on where dogs are allowed on public property in the Queenstown Lakes District, according to the results of an informal survey undertaken by QLDC.

56% of the 985 people who completed the survey said there should be no restrictions, with the other 44% saying dogs should not be free to roam.

Of those wanting some restrictions, most felt that dogs should be kept on a lead in residential areas and town centres, with verbal control satisfactory in rural areas. Most said dogs should either be on a lead or banned altogether from schools, playgrounds and cemeteries.

87% supported restrictions on the number of dogs that could be kept ast one property with 47% favouring permits for keeping more than two dogs.

Two thirds of respondents liked the concept of a designated area for exercising dogs, with mixed views on how it should be paid for – dog owners through registration fees (27%), ratepayers (18%) or a combination of registration fees and rates (54%).

The Council will take the survey results into account when considering whether to develop a new Dog Control Bylaw. If the Council decides a new bylaw is needed, there will be a formal period of community consultation.

View the Dog Control Bylaw Survey Results (PDF, 2MB)