Review of the Otago Southland Film Office


Submissions for this consultation are now closed.

The Otago Southland Film Office works with film-makers from around the world, encouraging them to choose locations in the South of the South Island, facilitating their work and making a significant contribution to the local and regional economies. Statistics NZ estimates the economic benefit of filming activity to be at least $20 million a year.

QLDC has instigated a review of the Film Office with a view to ensuring that it is operating in the most efficient and effective way. This is the first such review since the office was set up in 2004. QLDC has worked closely with the Film Otago Southland Board and other stakeholders to produce this discussion document.

We welcome the views of the community, as well as the film industry and stakeholders.

Please click here (PDF, 625KB) to read the discussion document and then provide your feedback via our online form.