Navigation Safety Bylaw

We're carrying out an informal consultation around four topics that were raised as part of the Navigation Safety Bylaw review earlier this year. We'd like to know your thoughts on the below so we can get a better understanding of what the community thinks, and help us make the most informed decision.


On 23 March Queenstown Lakes District Council resolved to adopt the new Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018.

During the formal public consultation process there were a number of submissions that raised four matters that require further formal consultation.

However, prior to this formal consultation is carried out, we think it would be useful to undertake informal consultation on the four topics that were raised during the submission process.

This will help us to understand the wider communities thoughts on the below issues, and also to assist Council in establishing its preferred option on each topic.

Following this informal consultation, Council will consider the comments received, along with the pros and cons of each proposal before they decide on what they will propose as the preferred option.


  1. The regulation of the Clutha River (i.e. powered vessels)
  2. A new rule clarifying safety obligations regarding river boards (or similar craft)
  3. A new rule requiring Paddle Boarders and similar craft) to wear a leg leash
  4. Incorporating surfboards in the definition of vessel

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