Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018 Consultation

Submissions on a proposed amendment to the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018 are now closed.

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Proposed amendment:

The following new clause is proposed for Clutha River:

1.1  The following clauses apply to powered vessels operating in the area between the Outlet Camping Ground (GPS -44.66 to 169.15) and the Albert Town Bridge (GPS -44.68, 169.19):

(a)  Between 1 December and 31 March no powered vessels may operate in this area, unless the powered vessel satisfies one of the following exceptions:

(i)  it is expressly authorised to operate in this area by a resource consent issued by the Council provided that between 15 January and 1 February the powered vessel shall:

(A)  only operate between 10am and 12pm; and

(B)  not exceed more than two daily trips.

(ii)  it is carrying out a permitted activity under the Queenstown Lakes District Plan.

(iii)  it is being operated by the Harbourmaster or Deputy Harbourmaster for the purposes of exercising his or her functions under the Act or ensuring compliance with this bylaw.

(b)  Between 1 April and 30 November any powered vessel operating in this area is subject to a 5 knot speed limit (outside of the timed uplifting specified in Schedule 2).

1.2  A permanent speed uplifting shall apply between the Albert Town Bridge (GPS -44.68, 169.19) and the Red Bridge (-44.73 to 169.28) as specified in Schedule 2.

Relevant documents

Background information

On 23 March Queenstown Lakes District Council resolved to adopt the new Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018.

During the formal public consultation process there were a number of submissions that raised four matters that require further formal consultation. Following this, a further informal consultation process helped to provide better understanding of community thought on issues relating to powered vessels on the Clutha River.

Council has considered the comments received and propose to undertake formal consultation regarding the use of powered vessels on the Upper Clutha River (area of Clutha River between Lake Wanaka  outlet and the Albert Town Bridge) and the Lower Clutha River (area of Clutha River between the Albert Town Bridge and the Red Bridge).


What happens next?

Submissions will be heard by a subcommittee of Councillors during the week of 10 – 14 September 2018 (to be confirmed). Council will then consider outcome of consultation process and whether to make decisions in the proposal on 25 October 2018.