Park and Ride Survey

Feedback is now closed.

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Commuters who drive into Queenstown from other parts of the district or further afield each day are being invited to take part in the below survey on their travel habits and needs.

It’s part of our strategy to address traffic congestion and the information will help the Council develop a Park and Ride trial by the end of the year.

We're considering possible locations for a temporary large scale parking site in the Frankton area to offer a shuttle service in and out of Queenstown, offering an alternative for people who currently drive their private vehicles into town first thing in the morning, park all day and leave after work.

Parking is at a premium in town, with commuters competing for a limited number of carparks with visitors and locals making shopping and business trips. We're already implementing a parking strategy to free up more parks for short stays and will be providing a dedicated parking area for campervans to reduce congestion on narrow downtown streets.