Proposed Amendments to QLDC Policy on Development Contributions

Submissions have now closed, a summary will be available online shortly

Statement of Proposal (with proposed changes) [PDF 170KB]

As well as the annual update of contribution levels as a result of the incorporation of the latest actual expenditure and the revised capital programme proposed by the Annual Plan 2017/18, the additional proposed amendments to the Policy on Development Contributions include:

a. Clarification of when Council will assess development contributions when a development requires both resource and building consent.
b. Remove the 2012 provision to allow for recalculation of development contributions after 24 months.
c. Clarification of when a development contribution assessment may be reviewed
d. Amendment to Country Dwelling Category in the Dwelling Equivalent Calculation Table.
e. Change to the methodology of how non-residential developments are assessed at subdivision stage
f. Amendment of the multi-unit residential development definition to include reference to apartments.
g. Inclusion of the rates Residential flat definition to provide clarification of when a development contribution is required under either a Resource Consent or Building Consent.
h. Update to the Greenfield and Brownfield definitions as they relate to reserve land requirements.
i. Inclusion of Unusual Development definition to allow Council to assess those developments that have unusual demand characteristics.
j. Inclusion of reference to the ability of Council to withhold a certificate of acceptance under the Building Act as per the Local Government Act.
k. Simplification and clarification of the rules determining when credits may apply.

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