Environmental Health Proposed Fees and Charges Review

Council has undertaken a review of the present fees and charges and is considering whether the present fees and charges should be amended and replaced with the proposed fees and charges.

The changes reflect redistributing the fees and charges, to better reflect the charges to a business for the work undertaken. The review is not to increase revenue but to ensure that fees are fairly allocated to businesses needing more input.

The aim of the review is to have a fee structure that reflects the work needed for businesses. This would provide a system where charges are directly related to the size of the business and the grade obtained.

Businesses that are larger e.g. multisite and contain more complicated processes will have fees which reflect the work required. Fees will continue to be associated with the grading system with lower grades being assigned higher fees.

Currently, Council does not charge a registration fee for food businesses that are required to register with Queenstown Lakes District Council. This was to encourage food businesses to transfer to the new food regime established by the Food Act.

However, as a result of the work required to register a food business, it is recommended that a fee should be introduced which reflects the work undertaken. The Food Act 2014 enables Council to establish fees to recover the direct and indirect costs of registration, verification, compliance and monitoring activities for Environmental Health services.

This Statement of Proposal has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of sections 83 of the LGA.

It is proposed to make a number of amendments to the fee schedules for the services provided, which are set out in Schedule A.


Read the full Statement of Proposal here

Appendix 1: Proposed Queenstown Lakes District Council Fee Structure for Environmental Health


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Any person or organisation has a right to comment on the Proposed Fees and Charges Review for Environmental Health and the council encourages everyone with an interest to do so. 

All comments will be treated as public information. Your name and comments will be publicly available, however we will not disclose your contact details.

Please advise whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission. The hearing is scheduled to be held between Monday 10 July and Friday 14 July 2017 (TBC)


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