Quality of Life Survey

This year, following our annual residents and ratepayers survey, we'll be conducting a Quality of Life Survey.  

This is a new approach that will ask how you feel about your overall quality of life as a resident living in the Queenstown Lakes District.   

The survey will cover things like health and well-being, safety, community, culture and social networks, our decision making processes and much more.   The intention is that we use this information, along with other data collected by the Census, to paint a clear and compelling picture of how we're doing as a community.  

The survey questions will align with the OECD wellbeing indicators - read more about these here. 


How will the survey work

The survey will be open to all residents of the Queenstown Lakes District.  It will be a mix of online and phone surveys.  



We are expecting to start running our Quality of Life Surveys from September this year. 


More information

If you have any questions about the new Quality of Life survey, please send us an email at services@qldc.govt.nz