A new Arterial Route

Making it easier to get to and through town. 

Previously known as the Inner Links project, a town centre arterial has been in the planning phase for a number of years.

But until we started considering it as part of a bigger picture town centre transformation, we didn’t realise just how important it is. Without it, we can’t provide the infrastructure to support  better public transport, reduce congestion, improve the experience for pedestrians, enable growth or achieve our aspirations to create a stronger community sense of pride.


The benefits of change

  • Easier access to and through the town centre via a range of transport choices.
  • Easy access to parking options on the fringes of town.
  • Bus prioritisation on Stanley Street, enabling a more efficient public transport system.
  • A new on-street public and passenger transport facility, flexible enough to provide for whatever the future might bring.
  • More opportunities for development within the town centre (on the fringes and Plan Change 50 site) to bring more diversity and boutique retail offerings.
  • Improved experience for pedestrians, including slower speed roads, shared spaces, and better connections to other areas of town.
  • Better access for tourist operators providing passenger transport.
  • Better integration with cycle networks.


Preferred Route

The following plan shows the preferred route for a new arterial road. If you’re familiar with the Inner Links project, you’ll notice that the proposed route is very similar.   

Preferred route


How it could look

We've created some illustrative cross sections showing how the road could potentially look at Melbourne Street, Thompson Street and Man Street.    

Download a full suite of illustrative cross-sections here

Thompson Street cross sectionMelbourne Street Cross sectionMan St cross section

The Memorial Centre Challenge

You’ll see the preferred option would take a new arterial road through the current Memorial Centre site. This has been considered because it provides a significantly higher quality intersection and alignment of the road at Memorial Street. It also provides for better urban design outcomes and usable land.

But… the cultural, historical and sporting significance of this facility needs to be given full and careful consideration.

The preferred route would also go through the existing QLDC office on Gorge Road. The staging of this would need to be considered as part of the wider conversation on a combined Council office.

The question for the community is: What does the Memorial Centre mean to you as the home of our ANZAC Remembrance and sporting history? Have we outgrown the facility?  Would you support a proposal to run the new road through the Memorial Centre site, on the proviso that an improved facility is built?

Interested in the other options we considered?  

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