Creating Our Heart

A location for a combined Council office and community heart.

Right now, we have a great opportunity to take a special site at the heart of the Queenstown Town Centre and turn it into something that draws us together and expresses our community identity.

As we’ve worked through the Masterplan process, the idea of re-establishing a community  heart has come through strongly, both through the project work and our early community engagement where you told us that more community and cultural activities are needed in town.

We have a rich history but we don’t tell our local stories and we have event organisers knocking down our doors but we have limited facilities to support them.

A key catalyst for a community heart is a combined Council office (Project Connect). But what we’re trying to understand is how can we reimagine this area? What mix of facilities should be
there to interface with the Council office and how can we create a sense of identity and pride in our town centre?

Preferred Location

The Stanley Street site has been short-listed as the preferred location for a combined Council office and community heart.

civic heart

The yellow block shows the preferred location for a community heart. There is an opportunity
to consider community spaces that could interface with the Council office development, in a staged approach.

Project Connect - A combined Council Office

For the last two years we have been telling the story of a growing QLDC staff working across four offices.

Our offices are located in three different corners of the town. Only two of the buildings are community owned, the others are lease arrangements. This long overdue investment will be realised with funding set to be included in the 10 Year Plan.

Creating one Council office means for the first time in more than a decade our community can  receive the service they deserve, in one place.

Locating the organisation in one place will create huge time efficiencies and an injection to Council’s culture. Our mandate is to create this space in the town centre, contributing to the authenticity by keeping local people in town. It ensures any investment in the local lifeblood of he town centre is enduring.

Project Connect doesn’t include a dedicated library space but potential shop front library service (drop off, selection and collection of books). A library hub is proposed for Frankton
but should we consider a library hub interface in Queenstown?

The prominence within the town centre is important – it would allow a more open feeling to our day-today interactions with the community in an easier to access location.


What does a community heart mean to you? 

What facility mix would you expect to see on the Stanley Street site, alongside the Council office? These may be aspirational and stepped over time but give us your views.