Improved parking facilities, within the town centre and on the fringes.

Parking has been a bone of contention in the Town Centre for decades now.

The Parking project aims to address this by managing parking demand, providing more parking options and promoting alternative transport choices like public transport, walking and cycling.

We’re proposing to provide carparks on the new arterial to reduce congestion in the town centre.


The benefits of change 

  • Easier access to parking – the right number of carparks in the right places.
  • More space for people within the heart of town.
  • Better access to parking information, both for locals and visitors.
  • New park and ride and improved public transport provides viable alternatives to get into town.
  • Less clutter and better looking streets.


The options 

To achieve our vision of improved access to town we need to change the way we think about transport and parking. Our community keeps telling us they want to see less cars and congestion in the town centre.

We aren’t going to solve our parking problems with a single solution – it will take a mix of things including:

  • Better enforcement of existing parking options.
  • Location appropriate restrictions and charges.
  • Increasing charges to park right in town – meaning you should always be able to get a park  if you’re willing to pay for it.
  • Limiting the supply of car parks to manage traffic in the town centre, but providing alternative options for getting around.
  • Smarter technology to ensure drivers are making informed decisions on where to park.
  • Multiple new off-street facilities (parking buildings)
  • Park and ride facilities, providing viable alternatives to get into town.

Possible Parking Building Locations

proposed buildings


Possible Park and Ride Locations 

This plan shows options for where new park and ride facilities could be located. Not all of these facilities will be built – we want to understand what locations work best for you.

proposed park and ride


Interested in the other options we considered?  

Check them out here (PDF)