Public and Passenger Transport facilities

Improved facilities to support a range of transport choices. 

Public and passenger transport facilities have a central role to play in delivering on our vision for better access into and around the town centre.

This project will support a revamped public transport system and be flexible enough to support whatever change the future might bring in this space.

Public transport: services available to the public, run to a set schedule on set routes and charge set fares.

Passenger transport: other services such as taxis, tour buses, coaches, school buses, water taxis etc.


The Preferred Option (travel by land)

We believe an on-street facility located on Stanley Street will provide the best solution for the future of public and passenger transport. To achieve this we would need to build the new arterial route to make it easier for people, tour buses and activity providers to access the town centre.

on street facility


The benefits of change

  • It’s located next to the proposed community/ cultural heart of the town centre.
  • It creates a sense of arrival to the town centre.
  • The location provides for a dedicated public transport corridor, allowing flexibility to future proof public transport facilities. For example: easy access to the lake for potential water-based transport or a potential gondola link,
  • Easy walking distance into the town centre.
  • It retains the existing street network and site access.
  • No land acquisition is required, making it significantly cheaper.
  • It will help to activate the town centre fringe, providing opportunities for growth and diversity.
  • It will provide a better experience for pedestrians and cyclists.


Travel by Water 

We are doing more investigation on a potential ferry service, an improved water taxi service and other modes.

Interested in the other options we considered?  

Check them out here (PDF)