We have a number of policies that cover a wide range of activities. Our Policy Manual contains the sections below. Click on the links to view the individual policies.




ARTS/EVENTS (80.37 Kb)
Arts and Cultural Policy
Banner and Event Signage Policy
CCOs/CCTOs (56.03 Kb)
Directors Fees for CCOs and CCTOs
Policy on Appointment of Directors to Council Controlled Organisations
Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) Dividend Policy
Queenstown Airport: Future Management, Operation and Development
Queenstown Airport: Landing Fees and Development Levies
Size of Boards of Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)
Cemetery Operating Procedures
Plaques, Memorials and Monuments Policy
Communications Policy
Consultation Policy
Guidelines for Advertising and Publicity by Local Authorities
Major Media Releases
Media Policy
Visitor Promotion
Easement Policy
Graffiti/Tagging Policy
Tables and Chairs Policy
Temporary Use of Public Space for Construction Purposes
Property Sale and Acquisition Policy 2014
DOGS (490.63 Kb)
Dog Policy
Search and Rescue (Sar) and Avalanche Dogs Defined as Working Dogs
Computer Access Options for Councillors
Council Meetings: Eating
Council Meetings: Mobile Phones
Council Meetings: Wanaka
Council Meetings: Site Visits for Hearings
Council Meetings: Staff
Council Policy on Making Submissions
Council Role in Genetic Engineering
Elected Member Remuneration 2012/13
Elected Members Attendance at Conferences
Elected Members Code of Conduct
Governance Agreement
Health Services
Local Body Elections: General Elections Hoardings
Representation on related bodies
Residency: Supporting Applications
Standing Orders
Local Authorities of the Otago Region Triennial Agreement 2010-2013
FINANCE (915.01 Kb)
Accounting Policy for the Treatment of Expired Footpath Deposits
Change in Funding Policy for Roading: Wanaka Ward
Charging Policy for Licences to Occupy Air Space
Development Contributions Policy
Financial Contributions (Headworks) Policy
Investment Policy
Liability Management Policy
Policy on Significance
Rates Remission and Postponement Policies
Revenue and Financing Policy
Setting of Rates for 2011/2012
HOUSING (174.35 Kb)
Community Housing Policy ABC System and General Eligibility
Community Housing Trust
Elderly Persons Housing Policy
Application of Tender Policy to Associated Organisations
Infrastructure Services Consultant Procurement
Procurement Policy
Project Initiation and Approval Process
Location of Archive Material
Official Information and Charging Policy
REGULATORY (464.13 Kb)
Abandoned Vehicles
Class 4 and Tab Gambling Venue Policy
Enforcement Strategy and Prosecution Policy
Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy
Liquor Licensing Policy
Policies on Dangerous Buildings & Insanitary Buildings
Signs Provisions and Enforcement
Signs: Town Pier
The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987
Camping Ground Strategy
Freedom Camping Policy
Lake Islands: Fire Restrictions Policy
Management and Control of Camping at the Albert Town Recreation Reserve
Naming of Parks and Reserves Policy
Heritage Incentive Policy
Policy on requests for confidentiality under Section 42 of the Resource Management Act
Policy on the Resource Consent Appeal Process
Policy for the waiver of requirement for Outline Plan approval for Council Controlled Activities
ROADING (294.05 Kb)
Bus Stop Policy and Standards
Code of Practice for Working in the Road
Criteria for Closing Significant Roads
Crown Range Road Vehicle Restrictions
Damage to Street Frontages during Property Development Activities
Maintenance of Accesses to Private Property
Minimum Standards for Public Lighting Infrastructure to be vested in the Queenstown Lakes District Council
Mountable Kerbs in Wanaka
On-Road Directional Signage Policy
Prioritisation of Minor Safety Projects
Road Naming Policy
Road Numbering Policy
Road Sealing Policy
Speed Hump Policy 2006
Street Lighting on Private Roads
Street Signage Policy
Urban Verge Mowing Policy
SERVICES (45.91 Kb)
Building over drains
Extension and Connection Costs for Water and Sewerage
Ground Opening Policy
Policy for the Provision of New Water Supply and Sanitary Sewer Connections
Undergrounding of Power Lines
Wanaka and Hawea Landfill Site Policies
Water and Sewerage Schemes: Small Communities
Water Supply for Construction Purposes
Adopt NZS 5828:2004 for all new Playground equipment
Community Facility Funding Policy
Frankton Golf Course
Smoke-Free Policy in Playgrounds, Sports Fields and Swimming Pools
STAFF (48.46 Kb)
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Protected Disclosures Act Policy
Indigenous Vegetation Policy
Replanting of trees, particularly the replacement of poplars and other trees on rural roads
Tree Policy
WATERWAYS (29.22 Kb)
Jetties and Moorings Policy (For the Frankton Arm and other environs of Lake Wakatipu)