A boil water is in place for businesses and properties across Queenstown following a number of confirmed local cases of illness caused by the protozoa, cryptosporidium. This affects all properties serviced by the Council’s Queenstown supply including Frankton, Quail Rise and Tucker Beach Rd, Kelvin Heights and Hanley’s Farm. Read more here.

About Winter Manaaki

As the temperature drops and the snow settles on our mountains, we know there are people with immediate needs and others (including businesses) wanting to help ensure we all have a warm, dry and secure place to call home.

The current housing challenges in our district are well-documented and there’s plenty happening over the long term to address it. But as more people come to town to enjoy the winter magic, there is more demand for our already stretched accommodation.

Short-term fixes are not easy. It will take a community effort to help alleviate the pressure. Winter Manaaki is all about providing support, care and hospitality to those who need it most. It’s an online information hub for:

  • Those who would like to help but not sure where to start

  • Workers looking for accommodation help

  • Businesses looking for some support to welcome or house new workers · Showcasing success stories

If you have a suggestion for a topic or resource we should include here, please get in touch with letstalk@qldc.govt.nz