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Arts, Culture and Heritage

Kā Toi, Ahurea me kā Taoka

Telling the stories of our people, protecting our heritage, celebrating who we are now and where we have come from, are essential for supporting our community wellbeing. Reflecting on the cultures of all who live here, including the unique perspective of mana whenua, helps to create better understanding, awareness and a shared identity and vision for our community and district.

Latest news

We’ve collaborated with the Regional Arts Organisation Three Lakes Cultural Trust (TLCT), Lakes District Museum and Kāi Tahu to develop a Draft Te Rautaki Auahataka me te Ahurea o Queenstown Lakes District | Queenstown Lakes District Creativity and Culture Strategy. 

A well-informed strategy helps set a shared vision and commitment to arts, culture and heritage. It provides guidance for what should be preserved, maintained, celebrated, and outlines a roadmap of what we need to do to achieve this.

For more details and to read the Draft Creativity and Culture Strategy go to Draft Creativity and Culture Strategy | Let’s Talk Queenstown Lakes District Council (

Arts and culture

Our district is a place of breathtaking creativity. Surrounded by the endless inspiration of the landscape around us, it is a place that nurtures the arts, culture and the spirit of invention. We are a place of diverse communities and people with a wide range of cultural perspectives which makes this a dynamic and exciting place to live, work and play. 

The vision for the promotion of arts, culture and events across our district is provided in the following documents.


Our heritage provides an anchor for our place in the world, connecting us to past and future generations, reflecting on the achievements of our people and the lessons we have learnt, and contributes to our sense of community identity and pride.

The vision for the protection, promotion and sustainable management of heritage across our district is provided in our Heritage Strategy and the related documents below.