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Responsible Camping in the Queenstown Lakes District


Responsible Camping is all about caring for our spectacular environment as much as we do.

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Responsible Campers leave no trace and help keep our communities and natural environment free from pollution and waste!

The Queenstown Lakes District allows Responsible Camping in certified self-contained vehicles only.

What is certified self-contained?

A self-contained vehicle must meet the Caravan Self Containment standard. You’ll need to be able to live in the vehicle for three days without getting more water or dumping waste. It must have:

  • A toilet
  • Fresh water storage
  • Waste water storage
  • A rubbish bin with a lid

A self-containment certificate warrant card MUST be displayed at all times.

For more information on how to be self-contained, head to:

Freedom Camping - New Zealand Government

Where can I camp?

There are many places you can camp, ranging from fully serviced holiday parks to DOC (Department of Conservation) campsites.

Visit CamperMate.co.nz or download the free app for full details.









Download the CamperMate App

We've teamed up with CamperMate to ensure all information on the map is correct and up to date for visitors! Download their free app on iOS or Android to find dedicated responsible camping sites and service hubs online.

Tips on how to be a Responsible Camper

  • Ensure your vehicle is certified self-contained
  • Always use the provided toilets (or your own)
  • Use a designated wastewater dump station for your sewage sink water
  • Use your own facilities for bathing, washing, and toileting to keep our environment clean and pollution free
  • Dispose of your rubbish and recycling in the bins provided or at the transfer stations
  • Always park in the areas specifically designated for your type of vehicles

Campervan Parking

For your convenience, there are 33 dedicated car parks for large campervans in the Boundary Street Carpark, Queenstown. These are for large campervans, generally described as motorhomes, which often struggle to fit into a normal car park.

Large campervans are prohibited from parking in Queenstown CBD and could face an infringement of $40-$60 if parked incorrectly.

Smaller campervans such as Jucy or Wicked Campervans are permitted to park in the CBD as they are of similar size to an ordinary car.

Keep an eye out for the Responsible Camping Ambassadors this summer, located at the Responsible Service Hubs and Campsites. They are there to help you!

Dump Station Locations

  • BP Service Station, Frankton Road, State Highway 6, Frankton
  • NPD Service Station, corner of State Highway 6 and Hawthorne Drive, Frankton
  • Lakeview Holiday Park, 6 Cemetery Road, Central Queenstown
  • Wānaka Showgrounds, corner of Brownston and McDougall Street, Wānaka

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