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Sponsored Athletes - Terms and Conditions

Our approach to these sponsorships is one of collaboration between QLDC and the athletes, and we want to create an environment that will work for everyone.

Terms and conditions

  • Athletes must abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines on the misuse of drugs.  Athletes are required to inform QLDC immediately if they have failed any drug test. Athletes are required to refund full centre membership fees should they test positive to any banned substance

  • Sponsored Athletes must be 13 years and older. Athletes between 13-15 years of age cannot use the gym unless they are under constant supervision of a qualified fitness professional. Qualified health and fitness professional must hold either:

  • Current Personal Training Certificate

  • Current Strength and Conditioning Coaching qualification, and have had 2+ years coaching experience

  • 13-15 year old sponsored athletes are able to use the pools, TeenFit approved group fit classes Strength 101 (a strength class specific to teens). Applications for athletes under 18 years of age must include a signed parental consent waiver form. If under 18 year olds are offered a sponsorship, the sponsorship contract must also be signed by the parent or caregiver

  • Athletes are expected to attend at least one event, programme or opening per year of sponsorship to represent QLDC alongside our staff at a date and time agreed between the athlete and/or parent and QLDC. We see this as an opportunity for the athlete and QLDC to provide inspiration to our community by showcasing the stories of our Sponsored Athletes

  • You must abide by all Queenstown Events Centre and Wanaka Recreation Centre policies at all times

  • QLDC will provide the logo and brand guidelines which must be followed. The logo must be included on athletes’ newsletters, personal websites, and all social media platforms. QLDC is to be listed as a personal sponsor for the period specified in the cover letter

  • At least two recent high resolution photographs of the athlete performing their chosen sport and a good quality head or face shot must be provided as part of the application

  • A biography of around 150-200 words detailing athletic history, current plans and future aspirations must be provided as part of the application)

  • Athlete images and biography will be used on our website (examples can be seen at athletes/) and/or in member newsletters or blogs and social media platforms

  • Athletes must regularly keep us informed of progress by emailing their point of contact at QLDC with any relevant good quality photos attached every 3 months, due dates: October 1st 2020, February 1st 2021, April 1st 2021 

  • Athletes must ‘tag’ @QLDCSportRec - Facebook and @queenstownlakes – Instagram in media posts (including social media) alongside your other sponsors

  • Coaches may accompany athletes for free when attending the facilities. The coach must make themselves known to the customer services team upon arrival and collect a visitor badge. The coach cannot use the gym facilities for their personal use

  • Injured athletes must advise QLDC within 48 hours of any such circumstance that prevents you or may prevent you from competing in the event for which you have received this sponsorship

  • Injured athletes will retain sponsorship for the remainder of the agreement if rehabilitation commences with plans to continue to compete