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The Shotover River Concession Area is reserved for use only by persons and vessels permitted to be present in, or to operate or be operated in the Shotover River Concession Area by permit granted by Council or its delegated representative. This is regulated by the Shotover River Bylaw 2021, found here.

To access the concession area, you must successfully obtain a permit via the permit system. Permits are granted for a specific time slot to allow the most safe and fair use of the area. Please refer to the bookings calendar to view available times and dates. All permit applicants must undertake the induction prior to accessing the concession area. The induction takes place once, before obtaining the required permit. Upon receiving your application, Shotover Jet will provide you with information surrounding your requirements to undertake the induction/safety briefing.

If you are utilising ‘non-motorised, passive recreational vessels’ you may apply for a general permit which allows any number of non-motorised users under the one permit, during the times specified by the permit. Additionally, should there be an existing ‘non-motorised’ permit issued, additional ‘non-motorised’ permits can be issued for the same time period.

If you are utilising a private motorised vessel, you will be the only permit holder permitted within the concession area at that time. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Motorised river users will not be granted permits during the ‘non-motorised, passive recreational vessels’ time slot. 

Fill out the electronic form with the required details and send to:

Please submit applications 24 hours prior to when you would like to use the Shotover River.  This enables an assessment to be made and will avoid disappointment. Your application will be considered and responded to as soon as possible.

Concession area

Please note that if you utilise the concession area without a granted permit, or breach the conditions of your permit you will face enforcement penalties. The safety of the public is paramount and all users must have the appropriate permits.


Operation Hours

Operation hours vary with time of Year, applications outside of these hours are more favourable.  Presently they are:

Operation hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm – 7 days.


All permit applicants must undertake the induction prior to accessing the concession area.

  • Motorised: It is required that a physical Induction take place with Shot over Jet, this includes details of the risk and Hazards on the River, and conditions of the Permit.  A return Permit Holder may not be required to undertake a full induction.

  • No Motorised (Passive) – The induction for passive users will not go into the same details of a motorised permit holder.  The Focus will be on the risks involved with the river and acknowledgement that the Gorge Section is for Advanced White-water users only.

Shotover Jet will provide you with information surrounding your requirements to undertake the induction/safety briefing.

Public Concession Details: Wednesday & Fridays

There is a passive permit for public concession for access to the river from 5:30pm – 10:00pm on Wednesdays & Fridays only. For more details, and prior to utilising this permit, please read the conditions of the permit below;

Please note that all users must ensure they are familiar with all risks and required safety measures prior to utilising this permit within this section of the Shotover River. This includes the following;

  • Check weather and river conditions on the day (e.g. flow rates and river level). Contact Shotover Jet for more up-to-date information on river conditions.

  • Ensure all users stay within their capabilities and hold appropriate experience for the associated risks.

  • Life jackets are mandatory and any breach of this requirement will be enforced.

  • It's strongly suggested that all users wear additional safety equipment such as a helmet, wetsuit and river shoes.

Permit Timetable

Please note that whilst the timetable will be updated as frequently as possible, it is an indicative guide only.

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