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Connection to Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

Hono atu ki ngā whakaratonga

Find out how to request a new connection to Council services such as water, piped sewer (wastewater) and or stormwater systems.  

Applying for a connection Contractors making physical connections Accessing the network

This may be for property in its current state or in relation to proposed building work, and can be for a permanent or temporary connection to these services.

    • Where new council wastewater (sewers) will be installed in a road that previously did not have it, and QLDC requires connection to it. The property currently has a septic tank system.

    • Where a small subdivision is taking place on a property, and the property owner or developer is managing the build.

    • Where there is no 'lateral' connection in existence from the sewer to the property boundary.

    • If a developer/agent is managing or undertaking the building work on behalf of the property owner. They will usually do the application.

    • In a large new subdivision or residential development, the developer will usually be arranging connections on behalf of the owners, including for the first properties to be built in a staged development.


How do I apply?

If you'd like to apply for a connection to water, wastewater and/or stormwater, then please use the below form.  This form should also be used if proposing a driveway that will cross council property to connect with a road.

If services are requested for more than one property, then each requires a separate application.

Once an application is entered into the QLDC system, a unique identifier will be assigned starting with CC e.g. CC180001.

Email the completed application to: 

Where is mapping of water services found?

QLDC GIS mapping of these three water types as underground services can be found here.

Is there a time limit to complete connection?

If approved, it is issued with a one-year expiry.

What about Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems?

If you're looking for guidance on Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems, you'll find a number of helpful forms on our Onsite Disposal Systems page.

Contractors making physical connections

The procedure for requesting permission to make a connection to the Council Three Waters network is described in the below document. Any person looking to undertake this work must have been previously approved by Council by demonstrating appropriate qualifications.

Completed application forms are to be emailed to:

Accessing the network

Third parties intending to access to the Council’s water, wastewater and/or stormwater network for investigations need to apply for approval prior to gaining access. The requirements of QLDC in regard to network access are described in the below procedure.

Completed application forms are to be emailed to:

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