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Taking part in local elections is a key way to actively drive change in our district - either by standing for election or by using your vote.

Elections for the Queenstown Lakes District Council (Mayor, Councillors and Wānaka Community Board), Otago Regional Council and Southern District Health Board, are held every three years on the second Saturday in October. 

The latest election was held on 12 October 2019. 

The next election will be held on 8 October 2022.  

By-Election in Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward

As a result of the resignation of Councillor John MacDonald, an extraordinary vacancy on the Council exists pursuant to section 177 of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (‘the Act’).  The Act requires that if a vacancy occurs in the office of a member of a local authority more than 12 months before the next triennial general election, the vacancy must be filled by an election under this Act.  The next triennial general election does not take place until 8 October 2022, meaning that a by-election is needed to fill the vacancy. 

The Electoral Officer for this by-election is Jane Robertson.  The Deputy Electoral Officer for this by-election is Stacey Harris.  Both Jane and Stacey are based in Queenstown and can be contacted by telephoning 03 441 0499.  The by-election will be conducted via postal vote and is conducted under the First Past the Post electoral system. 


Nominations are now open and remain so until Thursday 15 April 2021 at 12.00 noon

If you want to stand for election you need to complete the nomination form which is available here

The requirements for standing for election are detailed on this information sheet but please note the following key points:

  • Candidates may not nominate themselves; Candidates do not need to live in the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward. 

  • Both nominators must live in the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward.

  • Candidates and nominators must provide their full names and current residential addresses on the nomination form. These should correspond with the details recorded in the Preliminary Electoral Roll.

  • Nominations must be accompanied by a $200 election deposit which can be paid in cash, via EFTPOS or via electronic banking.

  • Candidates must provide evidence of New Zealand citizenship.

  • Candidates may include a recent photograph and candidate profile statement, both of which should be submitted at the same time as the nomination form. This information is included with the voting paper.

Candidates may also wish to access the following resources:

The following nominations have been received:

Nominee First Nominator Second Nominator
Phil Wilson  Sir Eion Sinclair Edgar Lynette Kaye Parker
Esther Whitehead Richard John Hubbard David James Cassells

Electoral Roll

The Preliminary Electoral Roll for this by-election is open for inspection until 15 April 2021.  It is on display at the Council office at 10 Gorge Road, the Queenstown Library at 10 Gorge Road and at the Frankton Library in Hawthorn Drive.  Changes to the electoral roll can be made either through the Electoral Commission website (www.elections.nz) or by using one of the Electoral Commission’s orange forms that are displayed with the Electoral Roll. 

Ratepayer Electors

If you own property in the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward but live and vote in another part of New Zealand, then you may qualify as a ratepayer elector in this by-election. 

Current ratepayer electors are listed on the Preliminary Electoral Roll on yellow pages at the rear of the document.  You are welcome to contact the Electoral Officer if you wish to check that you are enrolled.

If you wish to enrol as a ratepayer elector click here for the enrolment form.  

By-Election Timetable

15 April 2021                      Nominations close at 12.00 noon

20 May 2021                       Delivery of voting papers starts

25 May 2021                       Last day for delivery of voting papers

20 May – 11 June 2021     Special Voting period

11 June 2021                      Election Day

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