Frankton Stormwater Upgrade

A major upgrade to Frankton’s stormwater system is underway, providing for current and future stormwater capacity as growth in the area continues.

The recently completed Eastern Access Road project addressed a significant portion of the land area to the north of Grant Road, with a main trunk stormwater system capturing and transporting stormwater to the Shotover River Delta. 

The North East Frankton line included in this project will manage the remaining stormwater in the Frankton Flats area, allowing for the future demands of the whole catchment area and rain events greater than one in every 20 years. 

A community playing field is also planned above Remarkables Primary School, in an added benefit to local residents.   This will be developed using fill transported from the trenches being dug to lay the new stormwater pipe.   The new field is expected to be available for use in the Spring of 2019


Upgrade Plan

frankton stormwater upgrade map


Timing and disruptions

The project kicks off at the Frankton lakefront in late January and will run through until August 2019. 

There may be some disruption as the project progresses and we thank residents for their ongoing patience. 

Some things to be aware of during the project include:

  • Minor realignment of the Frankton Track is required.  Track users are asked to please follow any diversion signage in the area.
  • Some tree removal is required as marked on the plan above.  We’ll be replanting with natives along the lakefront and improving the planting along SH6. 
  • We will need to close McBride Street temporarily – we’ll keep residents informed of timings and diversions for this.
  • We’ll keep Frankton residents informed as the project progresses.  


Any questions?

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 03 441 0499 or email