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Public Notices


We post a number of items as part of a Noticeboard from the Mountain Scene, Wanaka Sun, ODT and Southland Times. You'll find copies of these notices below.

  • Pursuant to section 39(1)(a) of the Local Electoral Act 2001, notice is hereby given of the qualifications and procedures for enrolment or nomination as a ratepayer elector in the Queenstown Lakes District. 

    A person may be a ratepayer elector for a local government area (e.g. district or regional council) if they are listed on the district valuation roll as a ratepayer of a rating unit within that area but the address for which they are registered as a parliamentary elector (i.e. central government / parliamentary elections) is outside that area. For example, they may own a holiday home in the Queenstown Lakes District but reside and are registered to vote for parliamentary elections in Dunedin.

    Any organisation, body, society, or association (whether corporate or un-incorporate), or any joint owners, that are ratepayers in respect of a rating unit within the Queenstown Lakes District may nominate as a ratepayer elector any member or officer of the organisation, body, society, or association, or one of the joint owners, as long as the person nominated is registered as a parliamentary elector for an address that is outside the local government area in which the rating unit is situated. 

    Eligibility to enrol or be nominated as a ratepayer elector depends on criteria in section 24 of the Local Electoral Act and clauses 15-20 of the Local Electoral Regulations 2001. In addition, only one enrolment or nomination may be made for any local government area, even if more than one rating unit is owned in that area.

    Note that no person may be enrolled or nominated more than once for any local government area and existing ratepayer electors have already received an enrolment confirmation form.

    If you believe you may be eligible to enrol as a ratepayer elector in the Queenstown Lakes District, please use the enrolment form below.


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