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Roto me te Whakaeke Poti

There are three main lakes in our district – Lake Wakatipu, Lake Wānaka and Lake Hāwea. These are all popular spots for boating, swimming and other water sports.

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COVID-19 updates

Leading up to COVID-19 Alert Level 2, make sure your recreational vessel, no matter how big or small, stays safe. Do this by following the prep, check, know message - prepare your boat, check your gear and know the rules before you’re on the water.

As well as following all public health measures still in place at Alert Level 2, boaties are encouraged to remember the five simple precautions from the Boating Safety Code:

  • Wear your lifejacket

  • Take two waterproof ways to call for help

  • Check the marine weather forecast

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Be a responsible skipper.

For more information on Alert Level 2, head to and for all things boating, head to

In this district it is compulsory to wear a life jacket at all times in any boat of 6 metres in length and under.

  • Boat safety tips
  • Boat ramp permit fees
  • Bylaws

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand's third largest lake, being 80 kilometres long and covering 293 square kilometres. It has an average depth of 300 metres for over half its length, with temperatures ranging from 8 - 10 degrees celsius.

Lake Wānaka

Lake Wānaka is New Zealand's fourth largest lake, covering 180 square kilometres. The lake is 45.5 kilometres long, 11.6 kilometres across at its widest, and up to 300 metres deep. Water temperature ranges from 8 - 10 degrees celsius.

Lake Hāwea

Lake Hāwea is 35 kilometres long and separated from Lake Wānaka by a narrow isthmus. Although narrow, Lake Hāwea plummets to a depth of 392 metres.

Wānaka Harbourmaster

Craig Blake
Southern Monitoring Services


Want to check the lake level? Click here for the latest information.

Lagarosiphon management

Lagarosiphon is a pest plant present in some of Otago's waterways. You can help prevent its spread by checking your fishing and boating gear to make sure you don't take it away with you. 

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