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Apply for a new alcohol licence

Find out about the process for applying for a new alcohol licence:  on-licence, off-licence or club licence.

How to apply

Before you start your application, read through the application form and prepare your supporting documents.

We also recommend you:

  • Start the process of registering to sell food

  • Decide who your duty managers will be

  • Discuss any plans with your neighbours and the community to avoid objections later in the process

  • Check in with our duty planner on whether you need a resource consent

  • Make sure you have a certificate of public use or code of compliance if your business is in a new building - we can't issue a license without it

The application process - what to expect

  • Submit your completed application to the District Licensing Committee (at Council).  Use the check sheet to make sure you have included everything you need. 

  • Publicly notify your application in the Otago Daily Times (or Southland Times for Kingston premises) within 20 working days after lodging your application using forms 7 and 8 as applicable.  

  • Display a copy of the public notice in a clearly visible place on or near the site the application refers to.

  • The District Licensing Committee (DLC) Secretary will forward a copy of your application to the Police, Medical Officer of Health and an alcohol inspector, who are required under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act to consider the application.

  • If the Police or Medical Officer of Health has any matters in opposition to the application, they must file a report on it within 15 working days. Copies of their reports will be sent to you.

  • The alcohol inspector will compose a report on the application for the DLC, assessing it against the criteria for issue. 

  • A person with a greater interest in the application than the public generally may object to your application within 15 working days of the first publication of the public notice. If any objections are received, these will be forwarded to you.

  • The DLC will determine the application.  This will likely be done  'on the papers' if no public objections or matters in opposition have been raised, or via a public hearing if they have.

Calculate your licence fees

To calculate your alcohol licence fees, please click below.

Need help

If you have any questions during the process, you can meet with an alcohol licensing inspector for help or advice – it's free.

Phone 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0024 (Wanaka).

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