Online Rates Payments

Important information

Bank provider

Our online payments service is provided by BNZ, in agreement with Queenstown Lakes District Council.  You do not have to be a BNZ customer to use this service.  Only Visa or MasterCard payments are accepted.

Online convenience fee

BNZ charges you a convenience fee of 2.49% per transaction for this service (with a minimum fee of $1.00 per transaction).  We do not receive any part of this fee.

Payment details

When making a payment, we recommend that you have your invoice in front of you to ensure you accurately enter your valuation number and property address.  Please note that a separate transaction is required for each property.

Processing time

Please allow sufficient time before your instalment due date for processing of your payment.  Payments made after 5.00pm New Zealand time will appear in your rates account the following business day.  If a payment is made on the due date but after 5.00pm, then a 10% penalty will be incurred.

After the transaction

Following your transation, you will receive a reference number.  While a receipt will not be provided, you can print the screen or note down the details for future reference.

Refund enquiries

If you'd like to request a refund, please contact us either by email:

For other payment methods please check our Dates & Payments page.

Want to pay another way?

If you'd like to pay your rates another way, head to our Dates & Payments page here:

Need help?

If you're in need of help, please contact the BNZ Helpdesk on 0800 737 774.

They're available Monday to Friday, between 8.00am and 5.00pm.

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