A boil water is in place for businesses and properties across Queenstown following a number of confirmed local cases of illness caused by the protozoa, cryptosporidium. This affects all properties serviced by the Council’s Queenstown supply including Frankton, Quail Rise and Tucker Beach Rd, Kelvin Heights and Hanley’s Farm. Read more here.

The state of local emergency in Queenstown, originally declared on Friday morning after a severe weather event, has been lifted. However, some restrictions will remain in place to protect public safety as the focus turns to recovery. Full information here.

Engineering acceptance

This is our process of review and acceptance of your detailed design to ensure compliance with QLDC’s Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice and Resource Consent conditions. If you're unsure whether a condition relates to Engineering Review and Acceptance, please contact our Planning and Development Division.

What is required

Note that Engineering Review and Acceptance requires submission of detailed design documentation as outlined in 1.8.1 to 1.8.4 of our Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice.

  • Before you apply, please engage a suitably qualified and experienced professional holding appropriate insurances to control or carry out the design.

    Prepare detailed design documentation in accordance with Engineering Review and Acceptance Consent conditions and the QLDC Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice.

  • Please provide the following documentation to begin the process:

    QLDC Forms

    Documentation for Review

    • Detailed design documentation, calculations and any other relevant information as necessary to comply with the CoP and engineering acceptance conditions of consent

    • Asset vesting summary plan outlining which assets are proposed to be handed over (vested) for council ownership.

    • Cover letter identifying resource consent conditions for which engineering review is requested and detailing how these conditions have been satisfied.

    • For elements that are not in accordance with QLDC’s Code of Practice, these shall be listed separately with a brief description of each and justification of the deviation.

  • Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and assessed by a QLDC Land Development Engineer. Further information or clarification may be requested at this point. Any items raised as part of the review will need to be resolved before Engineering Acceptance is issued.

  • A formal letter of Engineering Acceptance will be issued once we have accepted all of the documentation provided. 

    Details of required inspections and any further requirements will be provided within the engineering acceptance letter.