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Past elections

On this page you will find the results of past local body elections and by-elections.

2021 Queenstown-Whakatipu Ward By-election 2019 Local Body Election 2017 WCB By-election 2017 Wānaka Ward By-election 2016 Local Body Election

2021 Queenstown-Whakatipu Ward By-election

Voting for the Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward by-election closed on 11 June.

  • WHITEHEAD, Esther: 1,849

  • WILSON, Phil: 1,590

  • RUTHERFORD, Emily: 408

Note: As a result of the resignation of Councillor John MacDonald, an extraordinary vacancy on the Council exists pursuant to section 177 of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (‘the Act’).  The Act requires that if a vacancy occurs in the office of a member of a local authority more than 12 months before the next triennial general election, the vacancy must be filled by an election under this Act. 

2019 Local Body Election

The last local body election was in 2019 and voting closed on Saturday 12 October. The final results saw a voter return of 49.05%, being 11,522, excluding special votes. 


  • BOULT, Jim: 6,175 (elected)

  • KIDDLE, Nik: 3,999

  • ANGUS, Al: 1,344

  • Informal: 8

  • Blank: 321

Queenstown-Whakatipu Ward (six vacancies)

  • FERGUSON, Craig 'Ferg': 3,497 (elected)

  • MILLER, Valerie: 3,116 (elected)

  • CLARK, Penny: 3,005 (elected)

  • MACDONALD, John: 2,833 (elected)

  • GLADDING, Niki: 2,346 (elected)

  • LEWERS, Glyn: 2,183 (elected)

  • MASON, AJ: 2,183

  • FAUL, Peter: 2,054

  • GLOVER, John: 2,021

  • SCANNELL, Grant: 1,373

  • Informal: 4

  • Blank: 127

Note: Following a recount, the tie between Glyn LEWERS and AS MASON was decided by lot (a coin toss) on 31 October 2019 pursuant to Regulation 58(5) of the Local Electoral Act 2001.

Arrowtown Ward (one vacancy) 

  • COPLAND, Heath (elected)

Note: Heath Copland was declared elected unopposed.

Wānaka Ward (three vacancies)

  • SMITH, Quentin: 3,373 (elected)

  • MACLEOD, Calum: 2,663 (elected)

  • SHAW, Niamh (Neeve): 2,522 (elected)

  • BRUCE, Barry: 1,970

  • HAWORTH, Lincoln: 1,797

  • WALTHEW, Cherilyn: 1,166

  • Informal: 20

  • Blank: 70

Wānaka Community Board (four vacancies)

  • BRUCE, Barry: 2,899 (elected)

  • HADFIELD, Chris: 2,778 (elected)

  • BATTSON, Jude: 2,601 (elected)

  • TAYLOR, Ed: 2,556 (elected)

  • COCKS, Lyal: 2,322

  • EAST, Barbara: 2,186

  • Informal: 1

  • Blank: 173

NB: An 'informal' vote is when a voter has not clearly indicated the option they have voted for.

2017 Wānaka Community Board By-election

2017 Wānaka Ward By-election

2016 Local Body Election

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