Queenstown Town Centre Street Upgrades

Work is underway to transform Brecon Street, Rees Street, Beach Street, Park Street and Hotops Rise into high quality public spaces that are safe and accessible for everyone.

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About the project

Our goal is to transform the Queenstown Town Centre into an inviting, family friendly and accessible space for everyone to enjoy. 

Supported by funding from the Crown Infrastructure Partners, the project comes at a challenging time for the region and represents a significant investment into the future of the local economy.   

The upgrades will feature improved walking and cycling facilities providing a continuous link from the Queenstown Gardens to the Gondola, bringing parts of the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan to life. 

Designed in line with the Queenstown Town Centre Design Guidelines, the upgraded streets will incorporate high quality materials and weave in local cultural storytelling. 

Town Centre traffic impacts

Check out a map illustrating the ongoing works and disruption in the Queenstown Town Centre. This map is updated weekly.

More detail on each street

We’ve provided more info below on what’s planned for each street and what to expect while construction is underway.

Beach Street

  • Key features include: 

    • Lower Beach Street will be transformed into a shared space that enhances its existing retail, event and social function. 

    • Upper Beach Street will remain pedestrian only however existing vehicle access (and via Cow Lane) will be maintained for deliveries and servicing of local business

    • New paving that embeds  design elements to share local stories and history

    • New bespoke lighting and street furniture that links to mana whenua value of 'Oraka' meaning rest and recuperation.  

    • A combination of new and existing street trees  and plants

    • New wayfinding signage

  • Beach Street will be complete by 23 December 2022, with the exception of some seating which will be installed in the new year. 

    Lower Beach Street will reopen to traffic before Christmas and will operate quite differently.  It will become a low speed, high-quality shared zone, prioritising access for walking and cycling. Access to lower Beach Street will be via Cow Lane until Rees Street reopens, around Easter 2023.

    General parking will be removed from this area but you’ll still be able to drop off goods and passengers at any time. Mobility permit holders will be able to park for up to 60 minutes.

    CCTV cameras will be operating. 

  • Upper and Lower Beach Street is closed while construction is underway.

    Access for pedestrians will be maintained throughout the project. 

    The work will be noisy at times.  

    We're incredibly grateful for the support and patience shown by Beach Street businesses over this time. We will continue to work closely with you all to minimise and help you through this disruptive period.  


Park Street and Hotops Rise

Brecon Street

  • The Brecon Street upgrade will provide new underground services and a generous footpath to provide a safe and welcoming experience for the thousands of people who visit that part of the town centre each year.   Key features will include: 

    • A continuous 4-5m wide footpath   along the northern side of the street 

    • An improved 4m wide footpath on the southern side to interface with new hotel developments and Lakeview

    • New and existing street trees and plants.  

    • Rationalising carparking on the southern side of the street

    • Improvements near the Skyline building to prioritise pedestrian access and make pick-up / drop-off safer.  

    • Lower Brecon Street to become a low speed, shared space prioritising walking and cycling. 

    • New streetlighting and furniture to encourage social gathering.

    • Improvements to the Brian Smith Reserve 

    • Signalised intersection at Man / Brecon street

    • New  wayfinding signage

  • Lower Brecon Street (between Shotover Street and the steps)

    Paving and street lights will be complete on Lower Brecon Street by 23 December.   

    Upper Brecon Street (between Man Street and the Gondola)

    Good progress is being made to upgrade upper Brecon Street. There is now consistent, wide, safe pedestrian access, providing good access to all businesses in the top half of the street.

    The next stage of work involves upgrading the intersections of Brecon Street with Isle Street and Cemetery Road. This is a tricky part of the project as we need to take extra care working around the protected Wellingtonia tree.   

    To get the work done as quickly and safely as possible, the intersections of Brecon Street with Isle Street and Cemetery Road will be closed. This closure will be in place from 3 August until April next year, although full access will remain for walking and cycling.  

    Please note that over this time, access to Queenstown Cemetery will be via Hay Street. If you’re visiting a loved one at the cemetery, please follow the detour signage in place.  

    Work will stop on site between 24 December 2022 and 22 January 2023.

  • During the upgrade, Brecon Street will be closed to through traffic with access only available for pedestrians, business drop off and pick up and mobility parking.  This work is expected to take around one year to complete.    

    While there is some disruption to Lower Brecon Street, pedestrian and vehicle access is currently maintained.


Rees Street

  • Key features include: 

    • Upgrade to a shared, low speed environment that prioritises walking and cycling

    • New paving that embeds design elements to share local stories and history

    • New lighting and street furniture that links to mana whenua value of 'Oraka' meaning rest and recuperation.

    • A combination of new and existing street trees  and plants

    • New wayfinding signage

  • The Rees Street upgrade is progressing well.  Installation of underground services is now complete. All concrete pours, garden beds and street lights will be complete by 23 December 2022 with final paving and street furniture to be completed by Easter 2023.

    Rees Street will remain closed to traffic over the Christmas break, although work will stop onsite will stop between 24 December and 22 January.

  • Rees Street will be closed to traffic from Monday 7 March.

    If you're someone who makes deliveries on Rees Street, your new spot for dropping off goods is Marine Parade – accessed via Earl Street. A traffic controller will be on-site to assist you where need be.

    Access to businesses and for pedestrians will remain in place throughout the works.


Construction timings

Without a doubt, the past few months have been an exceptionally challenging time. Like many local businesses, we’ve been challenged by staff absences due to winter illness and COVId-19, along with supply chain issues and general labour shortages. We’re optimistic the rest of the year will offer fewer challenges so we can wrap up the street upgrade programme with fewer delays.  

The teams are working hard to have the streets open for Christmas 2022.  

Frequently asked questions

We've provided answers to a list of frequently asked questions below.  If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please email us at letstalk@qldc.govt.nz and we'll get it answered as quickly as possible.

Working with local businesses and the community

Maintaining access to the town centre and supporting local business is crucial to the project delivery and we  are committed to working closely with you to achieve that.   

We're regularly engaging with businesses and property owners so any issues arising can be dealt with quickly. If you live or operate a business in the town centre and have any concerns or questions about the construction, please do get in touch:

Alan Howard-Smith, the Communication and Engagement Manager for Kā Huanui a Tāhuna. 

Phone 021 361 158, or email:

If Alan can’t answer your questions, he'll put you in touch with someone who can.

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