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Queenstown Town Centre Street Upgrades

Work is underway to transform the Queenstown town centre streets into high quality public spaces that are safe and accessible for everyone.

About the project

Street upgrades are planned for  Brecon Street, Rees Street, Beach Street, Park Street and Hotops Rise.     

Delivered by QLDC and supported by funding from the Crown Infrastructure Partners, the project comes at a challenging time for the region and represents a significant investment into the future of the local economy.   

What's the latest

Four street upgrades are progressing well:

Park Street + Hotops Rise

  • Installation of new stormwater line commencing late April

  • Temporary bridge to be installed over Horne Creek to enable the construction of new bridge

  • Design of cycle path along Hotops Rise being relooked at to reduce the impact on trees

  • Piles of an improved retaining wall are being installed along upper Park Street.

  • Work is ongoing to remove a power pole and put power cables undergound between Park and Brisbane Streets.

Upper Brecon Street + Man Street

  • Service locations and service diversions are complete on Man Street

  • Installation of the stormwater line along Man Street has been completed.

  • From mid-June to end June the new wastewater pipe on Man Street will be installed. For these works to be undertaken, the intersection of Man and Camp Streets will be closed until the end of June.

  • From 14 June until October 2021 a retaining wall will be built near the top of Brecon Street to provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists moving between the Tiki Trail and the gondola.

Upper Beach Street

  • Service locations are complete

  • Installation of new wastewater line is underway

  • Installation of new stormwater line is underway

  • Over the next three months all ducts and underground services will be complete in the extended work area. Expected timing of works is mid-June to September 2021; Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Lower Beach Street

  • Temporary watermain has been installed

  • Installation of new wastewater line is underway

  • Installation of new watermain commences early April

  • From mid-June to end of July 2021 conduits for lighting and power will be laid along both sides of the street, and the final section of stormwater will be complete.

Our future streets

Our goal is to transform the Queenstown Town Centre into an inviting, family friendly and accessible space for everyone to enjoy. 

The upgrades will feature improved walking and cycling facilities providing a continuous link from the Queenstown Gardens to the Gondola.    Designed in line with the Queenstown Town Centre Design Guidelines, the upgraded streets will incorporate high quality materials and weave in local cultural  storytelling.    

Click below to read more details about what's planned for each street.   

  • Key features will include: 

    • A continuous 4-5m wide footpath   along the northern side of the street 

    • An improved 4m wide footpath on the southern side to interface with new hotel developments and Lakeview

    • New and existing street trees and plants.  

    • Rationalising carparking on the southern side of the street

    • Improvements near the Skyline building to prioritise pedestrian access and make pick-up / drop-off safer.  

    • Lower Brecon Street to become a low speed, shared space prioritising walking and cycling. 

    • New streetlighting and furniture to encourage social gathering.

    • Improvements to the Brian Smith Reserve 

    • Signalised intersection at Man / Brecon street

    • New  wayfinding signage

  • Key features include: 

    • Upgrade to a shared, low speed environment that prioritises walking and cycling

    • New paving that embeds design elements to share local stories and history

    • New lighting and street furniture that links to mana whenua value of 'Oraka' meaning rest and re-cooperation 

    • A combination of new and existing street trees  and plants

    • New  wayfinding signage

  • Key features include: 

    • Lower Beach Street will be transformed into a shared space that enhances its existing retail, event and social function. 

    • Upper Beach Street will remain pedestrian only however existing vehicle access (and via Cow Lane) will be maintained for deliveries and servicing of local business

    • New paving that embeds  design elements to share local stories and history

    • New bespoke lighting and street furniture that links to mana whenua value of 'Oraka' meaning rest and recuperation.  

    • A combination of new and existing street trees  and plants

    • New wayfinding signage

    Lower Beach Street 

    Upper Beach  Street 

  • Key features include: 

    • A 4m wide shared path connecting the town centre to the lakefront at Park Street

    • A dedicated cycle path through Hotops Rise. 

    • Widening the existing Horne Creek pedestrian bridge

    • New street lighting and  furniture 

    • New paving, new stone kerbs, stone setts at pedestrian crossings and exposed aggregate concrete footpaths.

    • New  wayfinding signage


Working with local businesses and the community

 Maintaining access to the town centre and supporting local business is crucial to the project delivery and we  are committed to working closely with you to achieve that.   

We're regularly engaging with businesses and property owners so any issues arising can be dealt with quickly.   If you live or operate a business in the town centre and have any concerns or questions about the construction, please do get in touch:

Catherine Edmeades - Communications and Engagement Manager – Whakatipu Transport Programme Alliance
Phone 021 235 0809 or via email:

Briefing presentation - 9 December 2020

On Wednesday 9 December we held five briefing sessions with the owners and managers of businesses and properties on the streets that will be upgraded.  This presentation included some details about the construction programme and how we'll work with businesses and residents to support them while the work is underway. 

We've provided the presentation below for anyone who couldn't make it along. 

>> View the presentation here

Get in touch

If you have any questions please email us at 

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