Recreation Ground Pump Station

Work is underway to build a new Wastewater Pump Station at the Tāhuna Queenstown Recreation Ground and upgrade the rising main (wastewater pipeline) through the town centre. 

About the Project Construction timings Expected disruption

About the project

The new pump station will take the load off our existing facility at Marine Parade which is currently the only wastewater pump station to serve Queenstown, Fernhill, Sunshine Bay, Gorge Road and Arthurs Point. The current pump station does not have any emergency storage facility and is unable to be taken off line for more than a few minutes for maintenance.

The new pump station at the Recreation Ground will provide emergency storage, additional pumping capacity and a new rising main (pipeline) for wastewater across town. This will provide more resilience to our wastewater network in Queenstown and reduce the likelihood of uncontrolled flows of wastewater into Lake Wakatipu.  

What's the latest?

Since the Recreation Ground Pump Station and Wastewater upgrade project started back in May 2020, we’ve installed over 650 metres of wastewater pipe along Park Street and made great progress on building the new pump station at the Recreation Ground carpark.    

In September 2020 we started the next phase, which involved using a technique called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to install 870m of wastewater pipe across the town centre.   Unfortunately due to unforeseen ground conditions, the drilling was unsuccessful and we had to change our approach to installing the new pipe.  

The new approach will involve 1100m of wastewater pipe installed using an open cut trench methodology along a revised route which starts at Camp Street, runs along to Earl Street, Marine Parade, across a portion of the Queenstown Gardens to Park Street.

Construction timings

Before getting started on the main construction works, our contractors need to complete service location investigations.  This is an important part of ensuring that existing services are not negatively impacted during construction.  

Service location timings:

  • Park Street / Earl Street – complete.

  • Camp Street /  Marine Parade / Queenstown Gardens: starting end of January for approximately 12 weeks. 

Main construction works

The main construction works is expected to happen as follows:

  • Park Street: mid-January 2021 – late April 2021

  • Camp/Earl Street: mid-March 2021 – October 2021

  • Marine Parade/Queenstown Gardens: April 2021 – July 2021

Expected disruption

A huge thank you to all of the residents and businesses near the Recreation Ground and along Park Street.  We have really appreciated your patience so far.  

We acknowledge that the change in approach to open cut trenching will increase the disruption to neighbouring residents and business, including temporary road closure, loss of on-street car parking, changes to access and noise and vibration.  We’ll provide more details about specific disruption here as information becomes available.  

Working with you

We’ll be putting significant effort into working with those affected to talk through concerns and mitigation efforts. 

We have an open door policy and the contractors will be working hard to maintain a close working relationship with those affected throughout the project.

The team will be out talking to affected residents and businesses in the lead up to Christmas and in the New Year .  

Want more details?

If you need more information or would like to talk to the Project Manager, please get in touch with us on 03 441 0499 or email:

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