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Emotional Intelligence for Wellbeing workshop

This 5 week course will help you master your emotions, increase self-awareness and manage stress to see benefits in all aspects of your life!

  • From our instructor's website:

    When you join an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training, you will learn not only about how to understand, interpret and express your own emotions but also how to use your own EQ to better respond emotions of others. In addition, you will gain insight to the exact skills that impact your daily well being.

    After completing this training, you will have a new perspective on how to up-skill your life!

    The 5 skill sets of emotional intelligence that we'll dive into include:

    • Self Perception

    • Self Expression

    • Interpersonal Relationships

    • Decision Making Processes

    • Stress Management

    These skills interplay with each other as we dial up and dial down in the name of balancing our EQ. 

  • Mondays 6.30-8.00pm, 8 April – 6 May 2024

  • QEC Meeting room (upstairs)

  • $115

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