Level 1 water restrictions are in place for Hāwea, Luggate and Arthurs Point. For more information on what this means, please visit our water restrictions webpage.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is accepted at both our Transfer Stations by prior arrangement to ensure an approved handler is available to safely deal with the waste.  Please call Waste Management on 03 3412092 to arrange.

What can and can't be accepted


  • Class 2,3,4,5,6 (not cyanide), 8 & 9. Please note the container must be labelled. An unlabelled container must be accompanied by a safety data sheet (MSDS). 

  • The quantity must not exceed 100kgs or 100 litres. 

Not accepted:

  • Class 1,6 (cyanide), 7 (please contact the police).

  • Anything in an unlabelled or leaking container or quantities over 100kgs or 100 litres (Please contact Waste Management Technical Service 0800 10 10 10 or 03 376 4191).


Always contact a professional to remove and dispose of asbestos to avoid jeopardising your health. You can find a list of licensed asbestos removalists here: https://www.worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/asbestos/licensing/licence-holder-register/ 

Domestic scale volumes not exceeding 20 litre bags can be disposed of at both our transfer stations by prior arrangement only. Please call Waste Management on 03 3412092 to arrange. Do not place asbestos in your kerbside recycling or rubbish bins.

All asbestos waste should be double wrapped in new heavy-duty 200 µm (minimum thickness) polythene sheeting or double bagged in in new heavy-duty 200 µm (minimum thickness) polythene bags (with a maximum size of 1200 mm long and 900mm wide to reduce manual handling injuries). Twist the top of each bag tightly, fold the necks over (a ‘gooseneck twist’) and seal with adhesive tape so that the contents are fully enclosed. Clearly mark the outer bag as ‘Caution Asbestos – Do not open or damage bag. Do not inhale dust’.

For disposal of larger quantities, please contact Victoria Flats Landfill (Scope Recourses 03 445 1860).

Disposal fees

Current fees and charges can be found here: https://www.qldc.govt.nz/services/rubbish-recycling/transfer-stations


Agrichemicals are classified as hazardous waste and cannot go in your kerbside rubbish or recycling bins.

Agrecovery provides a free or subsidised service to dispose of unwanted agrichemicals. For more information or to register, contact Agrecovery on 0800 247 326 or visit their website: www.agrecovery.co.nz

What can I do with leftover paint?

If you have paint or paint packaging that you no longer want or need, you can return it to one of the following locations:

Resene ColorShop. Go to the Resene website for more information on participating Resene PaintWise Collection Centres locations, and their acceptance list.

Dulux Trade Centre. Go to the Dulux website for more information on participating locations, and their acceptance list: https://www.dulux.co.nz/applicator/services/dulux-paint-take-back-service