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Our Welcoming Communities Advisory Groups

The two Welcoming Communities Advisory Groups, representing Whakatipu and Upper Clutha, concluded their work in November 2023. They met once a month on a voluntary basis and provided leadership and advice on the development of the Welcoming Plan 2024-2027 and the delivery of our programme of activities.

The members of both Advisory Groups were made up of a diverse mix of passionate people living across the Queenstown Lakes District community.

A big thank you for their time and commitment. We very much appreciate the energy and sharing of knowledge that goes into a volunteer role to represent wider community interests and values.

Whakatipu Advisory Group

  • Anna Dorsey

  • Daniela Mercado

  • Darren Rewi (Chair)

  • David Wright

  • Denise Ng

  • Hari Sapkota

  • Lucia Hao

  • Louise Baines

  • Maznah Abu Hassan

  • Mel Wright

  • Nick Fifield

  • Olivia Plimmer-Jones

  • Philippe Saint-Père

  • Esther Whitehead (Elected member)

Upper Clutha Advisory Group

  • Aspen Bruce

  • Jo Knight

  • Niamh Shaw (Chair)

  • Naomi Lindsay

  • Magali Rodriguez

  • Matt Fanselow

  • Molly Hope

  • Petra Trousilová

  • Cody Tucker (Elected member)

Government Representatives

  • Autumn Servatkova, Immigration NZ

  • Lina Lastra, Ministry for Ethnic Communities

  • Meggy Bartlett-McBride, Department of Internal Affairs